Wednesday, December 4, 2019

2019 season ends....but there is some Hope

A bewildered BREPNation crew ponders what's next for RU football  
Braving the cold of the tailgate 
For some reason these guys
like to pick things up
and put them down

A beleaguered BrepNation crew descended on the small black lot for our seventh and final final tailgate of the year.  Ever the hopeful, the Scarlet Knight put up a competitive fight in what would be a 27-0 loss to Michigan State.

A sincere thanks goes out to all the behind the scenes people (writers, photographers, chefs, popcorn eaters, etc.) that make this blog possible. With the recent re-hiring of Coach Greg Schiano, hopefully we can return to the days of better football. Word is Schiano is desperately trying to get BRES out of the tailgate transfer portal.

...and an even colder game 

Thank you very much for the 2019 season tailgaters! 

 You have inspired us for  magnificent 7 tailgates. You have excelled in your corn hole competitions and your love of Roxx Armada! 

You have shared your emotions with us and the whole RU world. You have celebrated our two victories with dignity, and accepted numerous defeats with dignity. I declare the 2019 Rutgers tailgating season closed. In accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world (and to assemble 9 months from now in the lower small Black parking lot of Piscataway to celebrate with us and our new/old coach the 2020 Rutgers football season!

Get ready for basketball season!!!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Novemberfest Tailgate a Big Success

Outside of our Scarlet Knights fighting hard for four quarters and easily covering the gigantic point spread vs. Ohio State, there were several positive takeaways from Saturday's gathering on what turned out to be a chilly but completely bearable mid-November day in the black lot.

Festmeister Chris did an outstanding job of procuring some of the best sauerbraten ever and spaetzle from his man at Bahr's restaurant, while the Burks came through with some great kielbasa/sauerkraut and the Polish powerhouses came through with harvest rice and potato pancakes. Throw in some awesome Mueller's glazed crumb cake and TONS of desserts and we were well-fed.
Festmeister conducting
quality-control checks in
BREP Nation tailgate

Fair to say, though, that Chris won the tailgate as the spiritual leader of what has become our annual Oktoberfest-style festivities.
Basil: *)(*)#$&()*&#$
Translation: BREP will not
be sharing in 50-50 winnings

The group also made a wise decision to shift away from beer on a cold day to warm spirits -- Jagermeister, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam...yum! [And the Burks hot water for hot chocolate.

Meanwhile, Frank came through with a second set of cornhole boards for the group, enabling us to get involved in some heated competition.

And the tailgate wouldn't have been complete without coming nowhere close to hitting the 50-50.
Frank is:
a. strategizing
b. trying to locate other board
c. crop-dusting son Ryan (in background)
after kraut, processed meats and
potato pancakes
d. imitating his new grandson
making boom boom in pants

Of course it wasn't the same without our spiritual leader BREP, who was in the process of recovering from a gnarly case of bronchitis but used his time well by stalking Red Panda and trying to find a Groupon to get her to perform at our final home-game tailgate at a discounted rate.

We were also on a bye week for Roxx Armada, though our next gathering may feature some of the band's deep cuts, including a Christmas tune that might play well before our finale. 
BREP Nation welcomes
Lauren and Rob (seen here
admiring the Buffalo Trace)
Glenn & Frank discuss strategy
It took some sharpies, but we
finally made the stadium board
as "Tailgaters of the Game"
Festmeister enjoying quick
postgame burger & fries
Source: TMZ


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Not Sure +50.5 Is Enough Points for RU

As 5 of us sit here at the RAC awaiting the Rutgers-Drexel tipoff, we got to talking about Saturday's Ohio St. tailgate.

In honor of Festmeister Skurat, we're dusting off Oktoberfest. Maybe a month late, but that's how we roll.

Thus far we've got Chris ordering sauerbraten from his man in the Highlands; we can all kick in for that.

Hobo is doing potato pancakes. 

Pete the spaetzle.

Eric and Andrea kielbasa and kraut.

Comment on what you're gonna add.

We could maybe use desserts, e.g. apple strudel, brats (if anyone's inclined to grill them), Jaegermeister, etc. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

RU vs. Liberty - The Tale of the Piscataway 7

The Piscataway Seven Rule the day with a selfie group shot!!!!

Not bothering to attend, an unworried Kelly Garrett
 enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the pool assuming 
a big Liberty win over Rutgers was in the bag 
13 tickets left in shame 

Not a ticket to be sold

Just sit right back and you'll hear our tale, a tale of our fateful game,
That started from the alternate black lot, with 13 tickets left in shame.

Larry was a mighty tailgate fan, 
Pete said he’d stay ‘til four, 
The LaBues and Biz set their butts down that day, 
For a three-hour bore 
A three-hour bore
(little did they know Rutgers would score at will..)

No coke, no beer, no popcorn box, not a single luxury....... 

...two of us sitting alone in infamy

The RU defense started getting tough, Sacked their QB for a loss 
If not for the running of the fearless RU QB, the game would be lost,
RU would have lost

The group set off after the big win for a Burk Halloween Party,
With BREP, a Witkowski, too
The SAT QC guy, and his wife
Baz Kmech, David and Jason Labue
We saw Rutgers beat Liberty!
The few and the proud to witness the win 

A skeptical Jill Munroe does not believe Rutgers
won...  You would think she would have taken the Scarlet Knights plus the points 

So this is the tale of RU football fans, been here for a long, long time
They'll have to make the best of things, and it's an uphill climb.
BREP and his BRES too will do their very best,
To make the others comfortable, in the Section 121 nest.
No run, no pass, No Raheem Blackshear, No Artur Sitkowski,
Like running read-pass option, it's primitive as can be.

So join us here 7 weeks a year my friend, you're sure to have some fun
From loyal RU fans, here at!
There are still those who can't enjoy a win for one week!!!

Monday, October 21, 2019

RU-Minnesota tailgate recap 10/19/19

Brepnation crew at the game having fun in the sun with the other 10,000 people who came to Homecoming 

It's one o'clock, can we go home yet? 
After another pummeling at the hands of Minnesota by a score of 42-7, there aren't many positives to the game itself other than the fact we scored.  For our only afternoon start of the season the tailgate began on a somber mood as we once again were saddened by the lack of BRES at the tailgate. Rumors are that with another missed tailgate his scholarship may be pulled.

Holobowski crew (plus photo bomber Eric)
gather around the grill  

Luckily we were joined by the BRES mother Kathy and  several other members of the Holobowski lineage to enjoy the awesome cheese stakes prepared by Bill, who again deserves a hand for pulling together another great tailgate. If we didn't have Bill's enthusiasm every week I'm not sure we could keep coming  for these games. Dana also requested some soul and got a dose of Sam Cooke.

The new statue 
A personal tailgate highlight was the first perfect round of 4 ringers in corn hole for a walk off win. On the way into the stadium we also got our first look at the new Scarlet Knight statue.

Audi Club Eric was up to his old tricks again, this time corrupting Provident
Bank Club Kathy to join him on his mission to live the good life. Some of us are still waiting for a cup of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. As we became bored with the second half, a new goal was attained. The Brepnation crew banded together to eat a record 10 refills of Pete's RU popcorn bucket. I am still processing my contributions internally.

Can we do 11 of these next week? 

Well meet again next week for a noon start against Liberty where RU will only be a 7 point underdog.

Who knows, maybe we can mount a challenge to the Fightin' Falwells.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rutgers vs. #20 Minnesota Roll Call

We're just as vexed. No idea
what this is, or that gophers
are sweaty and need
Good morning Nation!

So we finally get a mid-afternoon game (3:30 p.m. kick-off)!

That means even Kathy plans to attend our tailgate before the Golden Gophers -- whatever those are -- take our football team to the woodshed for homecoming.

You guys up for cheese-steaks this week?

If so I can handle the steak and Nino's sub rolls, and did a Costco run (for unrelated reasons) and ended up with a 15-lb. potato bag...can do home fries.

All we'd need is someone to make up a batch of peppers and onions, and provide whatever other sides folks are interested in bringing and/or make sense.

I also may have some desserts, depending on how many Costco cookies and cakes our visitors devour tonight at a meet-and-greet me and Kathy are hosting for folks running for our town council.

Figure a noon meet-up time at usual spot?

P.S. Congrats in order to Tom's Nationals for doing what my Braves were incapable of with the Cardinals because we can't pitch.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Redshirts, Roxx Armada and a rout

The season may be going downhill, but BREP Nation still shows up to represent 
A long shadow was cast over the October 5th tailgate from the fallout following the announcement of the termination of Chris Ash as Rutgers head coach. BRES announced early in the morning he would not be attending the tailgate, as he was considering taking a redshirt for the 2019 tailgating season. The shocking news came after a late night viewing of The Joker (which BRES gave two red fists up). Hopefully he reconsiders his decision but we wish him well as he decides what is best for his future.

Jen getting the excellent fixins' ready
Andrea explaining the nuances of how Eric has
to properly cook a parking lot burger

The remainder of the BREPNation crew had no choice but to carry on with David and JREP stepping in to handle tailgating apprentice duties. Great job by all on the burgers, dogs, salads, desserts and fruits for an excellent tailgate meal. Louder than Loud kicked off the tailgate with a rousing start. We were also joined by special guest stars Sam & Beth and Eric's brothers family et al. Unfortunately after a solid first quarter for the Knights under Coach Nunzio, things got out of hand quickly leading to a Maryland blowout. 

Sam and Beth join the tailgate and meet Red Panda head  

The Knight tries to stop us from
leaving at the end on the third quarter. 
Rutgers fans may be beaten and
dejected, but they know how to respect their
fellow fans and have a good time. 

Hope to see you ALL back in the little black lot on for a 3:30 contest versus Minnesota on Saturday October 19th.  Hopefully all redshirt decisions will be made by then. 


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Time for Some Nunzio's

In the wake of a 52-0 drubbing vs. Michigan and the exceedingly necessary dismissal of head coach Chris Ash and highly offensive coordinator John McNulty, it seems fitting that we buy enough food from Nunzio's Kitchen in Sayreville for our Saturday morning tailgate.

We'll just get 17 pizzas.

Just kidding...

But we are on for a noon kickoff vs. Maryland, which itself is having some troubles, though something tells me the Scarlet Knights -- like the cowbell for famous record producer Bruce Dickinson -- are just the cure.
Your interim head coach...
Nunzio Campanile
Anyway, let's come up with a tailgate plan. 

We can replicate the breakfast spread, but that could be boring.

Otherwise please throw out some ideas, and let's wrap it up by Wednesday night to give everyone time to shop.

If we go with a Maryland-oriented theme -- you're talking crab cakes, Utz potato chips, crab fries/tots, pit beef, Berger cookies (Tom), Natty Boe...

Roll call-wise, I know Kaitlyn (SAT) and Skurat (Notre Dame) are out this week. 

P.S. I'm sure you're passionate followers, but there's a good chance The Chris Ash Show will not be heard at its usual time on R Vision.

And I move that we open each tailgate with Louder Than Loud.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Good Morning and Thank YOU BREPNation!!

Shane clearly bored listening to adult
talk while awaiting some Roxx Armada!
It was a glorious sunny morning when the BREPNation crew descended on what has been called the overflow black lot, the lower black lot, and the ASB lot. For continuity purposes, we need to really come up a with a definitive name. Whoever comes up with the best name will be rewarded by sitting behind the dude who thought we were too loud at the game and wanted to fight us. Please, no profanity though. I think we are already on double secret probation and don't need to be hassled by the man again.

Moving on to tailgate business, the usual crew was down a bit with no Biz, Jen, David (and head) and Andrea, but we carried on undaunted as we played some respectful tunes for Ric Ocasek of The Cars, and Eddie Money, while showcasing he new official band of BrepNation, Roxx Armada. Unfortunately the game didn't go so well as Rutgers lost to BC by a score of 30-16 it. It was a very winnable game that RU let get away.

BREP meets Red Panda Head 
My heart was deeply touched by a special gift given to me at
the tailgate. The presentation of a
Rutgers Coke Zero bottle and the head
of RU basketball halftime performer
Red Panda was a moment I will never
forget.The only thing that could top it would be to get her to perform at our tailgate. Seeing her daredevil unicycle act of throwing stack plates from her leg to her head in person may have to wait until the reception after one of Pete's or Bill's kids get married.

Next game is a noon start versus Maryland on October 5. See you there
The Icon herself

It wouldn't be gameday if Dana didn't show
somebody where his brick is, this time on an diorama

Sunday, September 15, 2019

If Not for You Guys, Another Bye Week Would Be Fine

Well, much as Monday for most of us presents the grim realities of our returns to school, work and unfortunately the Booger McFarland-Joe Tessitore duo on MNF, it also gets the ball rolling toward Rutgers' third game of the season.

Boston College is in Piscataway for a noon kickoff. We're only a 7.5-point underdog. Not bad for a team that still can't pass for 50+ a game.

As always let's try and meet at the lot no later than 9 a.m. The forecast is glorious -- 80 and sunny.

Food-wise, let's get the discussion going.

I'll throw out a few Boston-themed ideas, namely the Kelly's Roast Beef ( or sirloin tips sandwich (popular at Fenway Park).

Otherwise, if folks is feelin' fancy, and someone has time to make clam chowder or lobster rolls for 20, have at it, LOL.

Either way, let's get the discussion rolling and hopefully give good vibes to RU football for win #2!

Friday, September 6, 2019

A win to start the RU football season!!!!

This is what happens when we let an outsider direct our group photo!

This RU dog talks
and what a potty mouth!!!
 The crew descended on the Auxiliary Black parking lot to say goodbye to summer and say hello to the start of the 2019 RU football season. Newcomers Gene and Sue from the Witkowski clan brought their talking dog to enliven the tailgate festivities. Gene had recently completed a duck hunt and need a change of clothes to be fully BREPPED Up for Rutgers football.

Discussions of fantasy football overtook the tailgate between Holobowski and Labues alike with the entrance of the BREP2019 team into the reformed Art Vandelay Memorial Fantasy Football league.

Vote for your favorite Big head  !!!!

It was good to see all the big heads out in full force but it occurred to the editorial staff after taking the group picture that Shane had covered his face with LO-REZ BRES.  Also, please note these faces could be placed on pillows, blankets, mugs, etc. to make great holiday gift ideas!
The Dana brick is still there!!!

Kudos to Bill for picking up the great subs and all who brought stuff to make the tailate fun. As usual the group brought out its typical sass and hijinx before we packed up for our trip inside. On the way, Dana took a large portion of the group in to see his brick. We were also horrified to see that the Audi Club is no more!

As usual Eric was able to make it into the club and provide the group with ice cream during the game. Audi Club Eric is no more, so we asking for new names for our thrill seeking club crasher as Provident Bank Club Eric doesn't sound right.
A proud Eric shows off his laminated Provident bank
 club pass while a speechless Jen looks on in
amazement in the background

The natives were restless as the game got off to a rocky start until the offense cranked it up in the second quarter with 31 unanswered points on its way to a 48-21 over UMass behind 4 touchdowns from Isaih Pacheco (no relation to the late fight doctor Ferdie Pacheco.)

We have a few weeks off to the next home game on September 21 at noon versus Boston College. See you then!