Wednesday, December 4, 2019

2019 season ends....but there is some Hope

A bewildered BREPNation crew ponders what's next for RU football  
Braving the cold of the tailgate 
For some reason these guys
like to pick things up
and put them down

A beleaguered BrepNation crew descended on the small black lot for our seventh and final final tailgate of the year.  Ever the hopeful, the Scarlet Knight put up a competitive fight in what would be a 27-0 loss to Michigan State.

A sincere thanks goes out to all the behind the scenes people (writers, photographers, chefs, popcorn eaters, etc.) that make this blog possible. With the recent re-hiring of Coach Greg Schiano, hopefully we can return to the days of better football. Word is Schiano is desperately trying to get BRES out of the tailgate transfer portal.

...and an even colder game 

Thank you very much for the 2019 season tailgaters! 

 You have inspired us for  magnificent 7 tailgates. You have excelled in your corn hole competitions and your love of Roxx Armada! 

You have shared your emotions with us and the whole RU world. You have celebrated our two victories with dignity, and accepted numerous defeats with dignity. I declare the 2019 Rutgers tailgating season closed. In accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world (and to assemble 9 months from now in the lower small Black parking lot of Piscataway to celebrate with us and our new/old coach the 2020 Rutgers football season!

Get ready for basketball season!!!!!