Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rutgers-Penn State tailgate wrapup

The final Brepnation group shot of the 2106 tailgating season

Chris is really enjoying the Thanksgiving tailgate !
As we convened for the final time in the overflow black lot, BRES planned a Thanksgiving tailgate spread that was enjoyed by all. The turkey and stuffing filled potato skins was a great idea, Shane, but for the love of God, you've got to wear pants when it's supposed to get cold outside!  Although the season was a tough one to endure, thanks to all of the BREPNation.com for making the 2106 tailgate season a blast.

Look at those cupcakes! 

Kathy showing that a proper
corn hole toss is all in the knees !

A new low -trying to hot wire the Knightengale cart!! 

The few brave souls who stuck it out until the fourth quarter!!!

A final toast to the 2016 season!

Andrea can sense the cold coming!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

State Penn Tailgate Horseplay, Oh...Turkey Buffet

It's been a crazy week for me so apologies for the late idea notice, but Pete came up with a good tailgate theme, and Shane is planning to take it up another notch as, mercifully, we close out the home season vs. State Penn.

As for the meet-up time, let's say 4 p.m. at the usual spot.

Kick-off is 8 p.m., and our team sucks but we appear to have great weather for this time of year.

Ticket-wise, Kathy and Evan have claimed Pete's 2 extras, so if others in the group have unused tickets please speak up.

Since we're trying to avoid all things bland or chain-like from central Pennsyltucky, we're going to put together a Thanksgiving-themed menu, with hot-sliced turkey (warmed on the grill) and all of the sides, either stuffed on a Nino's sub roll or Shane's idea...

The "Spudwich," using two fried potato skins as the bread that you stuff w/your turkey and other stuff.

The genesis of this idea came from Monmouth Park's food truck festival, where Shane savaged a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy spudwich. I tried it and can vouch for its tastiness.

We'll pick up the turkey (Costco has a good pre-cooked breast that just needs warming), do the skins and sub rolls and, with all of the byproducts of gutting a few dozen spuds, mashed potatoes.

If anyone has good Thanksgiving dishes, feel free to contribute. We could use stuffing (veggie or sausage) and gravy, in particular.  Desserts and drinks, of course, are welcome.  Bourbon might be involved.

Anyway, keep the chatter going in the comment field below, and please note what you can contribute to the Thanksgiving-themed spread.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

RU-Indiana recap in pictures

BREP in the classic red body suit directing the convoy into the black lot - Sadly, an IPhone was hurt in the filming  
Raising the BREPNation tailgate flag  - reminiscent of the Iwo Jima photo  
TCB - Chris and Scott cooking up the omelettes while Basil ponders his cheese of choice 
The traditional throwing away of money on the 50/50 to the Dance team - Will one of us ever win?
The return of "Wash U"s after a long absence  - Can we finally get Eric a Rutgers jacket? It's been ten years!!
The group shot of our tailgate missing the one person who took the photo......
'Po Boy Adam, exhausted from his photographer duties 
Welcome Morgan to the BrepNation RU tailgate experience 
A dismayed Eric pondering where it all went wrong for Rutgers - We should have won!!! 
The possible end of an era  - Could the quads have attended their last Rutgers game together?