Sunday, August 19, 2018

The 2018 Season Is Upon Us!

It's time for the members of B-REP Nation to start preparing physically and mentally for the 2018 Rutgers football season, where hopefully we can at least scratch out a .500 season and a bowl game, and regain a measure of respectability in NCAA football.

The team previews suggest we'll be able to defend the pass, while the defensive line and uncertainty at quarterback and wide receiver are the wild cards to whether we can make the above a reality.
Book O'Tickets

Disappointingly, several members of the Nation who asked me cannot put their entire retirement-savings account and free cash on Rutgers on the "Over 9.5" wins wager at Monmouth Park, since we're prohibited from wagering on the Scarlet Knights under the new sports-betting law. Alternatively, however, the Giants "Under" is probably a winning proposition. Or we double down on 50-50s.

As everyone's enjoying the fleeting moments of summer, our tickets arrived late last week, which means the home opener vs. Texas State is fast approaching.

We'll have 5 extra tickets for that one, with Team Hobo still away on family vacation and hiking in Acadia National Park on Bill's birthday. Festmeister Skurat will bring everyone's ticket packages, the grill and whatever else to accommodate the opening-game tailgate, where hopefully it's not oppressively hot like in '17.

The home schedule -- all Saturday games -- is pretty accommodating to those of us who find September to be one of the best months for beach-going, and that don't want to freeze their tails off in that late-November scenario we've been in several times. 

Kickoff times and regional food/tailgate cuisine ideas:
Here's looking to a great season, and another year of memories with the B-REP Nation crew!