Monday, October 28, 2019

RU vs. Liberty - The Tale of the Piscataway 7

The Piscataway Seven Rule the day with a selfie group shot!!!!

Not bothering to attend, an unworried Kelly Garrett
 enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the pool assuming 
a big Liberty win over Rutgers was in the bag 
13 tickets left in shame 

Not a ticket to be sold

Just sit right back and you'll hear our tale, a tale of our fateful game,
That started from the alternate black lot, with 13 tickets left in shame.

Larry was a mighty tailgate fan, 
Pete said he’d stay ‘til four, 
The LaBues and Biz set their butts down that day, 
For a three-hour bore 
A three-hour bore
(little did they know Rutgers would score at will..)

No coke, no beer, no popcorn box, not a single luxury....... 

...two of us sitting alone in infamy

The RU defense started getting tough, Sacked their QB for a loss 
If not for the running of the fearless RU QB, the game would be lost,
RU would have lost

The group set off after the big win for a Burk Halloween Party,
With BREP, a Witkowski, too
The SAT QC guy, and his wife
Baz Kmech, David and Jason Labue
We saw Rutgers beat Liberty!
The few and the proud to witness the win 

A skeptical Jill Munroe does not believe Rutgers
won...  You would think she would have taken the Scarlet Knights plus the points 

So this is the tale of RU football fans, been here for a long, long time
They'll have to make the best of things, and it's an uphill climb.
BREP and his BRES too will do their very best,
To make the others comfortable, in the Section 121 nest.
No run, no pass, No Raheem Blackshear, No Artur Sitkowski,
Like running read-pass option, it's primitive as can be.

So join us here 7 weeks a year my friend, you're sure to have some fun
From loyal RU fans, here at!
There are still those who can't enjoy a win for one week!!!


  1. BRES affection for the sea makes him an excellent candidate for Gilligan

  2. I see Jill Munroe brings 2 very good points to this story.

  3. Good to see Basils Angels back on the blog

  4. Pretty sure that van is also uses for child-luring.

    One of our best posts! The non-existent vendor lines perhaps the saddest.