Sunday, August 25, 2019

2019 Season Begins on Friday

Good morning, Nation!

Officially we've still got another month of summer, and then there's local's summer, which gives John the opportunity to once again find a parking spot in Asbury Park, at least until next July 4.

Have you seen this man?
The Audi club security would like
 to talk to him. 
As you already know, the Scarlet Knights 2-win 2019 football campaign begins this Friday night, August 30, with 7:15 p.m. kickoff and post-game fireworks.

Logistically the start time is a bit of a headache with many of us working a full day, though it provides us three potentially awesome beach days on Labor Day weekend and the chance to visit Saratoga for one last day trip before sadly the season concludes!

In that light, and as by the time we get into the parking lot we won't have a ton of time to cook, I propose ordering 3-6 foot subs from Pat's, which I'm happy to arrange. Figuring something like the breaded chicken cutlet-mozzarella-roasted pepper as done in the past? And we can each bring our own beverages before really embracing our true tailgate culture.

If people are really revved up to grill, I'll bring the tools, but ain't doing the cooking; just too tired (and still sorta battling a sinus infection). I'm happy, however, to once we really get into the campaign with home game #2 vs. Boston College on Sept. 21.

Please use the comment field to discuss how to proceed.

Me and Chris will likely leave Tinton Falls around least that's the goal. I've got one of the parking tags, and BREP has the rest of the group's tickets (Dave has his 4 and a parking already too), so my crew -- me, Kaitlyn and BRES -- can just meet the rest of y'all in the black lot if some of you plan on getting their earlier.