Sunday, March 17, 2019

Football Ticket Renewal Time!

Panda is the inspiration for BREP
turning a new leaf for the '19 season,
as the "Poppy" part is put to rest.
As much as I want to avoid thinking about RU football until at least September, the ticket office has been calling, emailing...even sending its basketball halftime-show talent to my get us to renew our seasons for 2019.

After hanging out with Big Red Elvis Panda, "Cast Iron" Pete Witkowski and JSRC (John "Shore Running" Coulter) at several exciting men's basketball games this season, it's clear the fire for sub-.500 football and great tailgates still burns, and so we're dusting off B-Rep to conduct a roll-call for '19 tickets.

We're also considering a residency for Red Panda to perform acrobatics and such at our tailgates, and are in discussions to add "Spectrum" and select other members of the RAC Pack for effect.

"Let's start cutting those
checks, B-REP Nation!"
Please use the comment field to say how many you need, and let's try to wrap this up by April 1 so that we don't have to talk again for at least another five months, as it was meant to be.

I hope all's well w/everyone!

2019 Home Schedule
Fri. Aug. 30 vs. UMass
Sat. Sept. 21 vs. Boston College
Sat. Oct. 5 vs. Maryland
Sat. Oct. 19 vs. Minnesota
Sat. Oct. 26 vs. Liberty
Sat. Nov. 16 vs. Ohio State
Sat. Nov. 23 vs. Michigan State