Monday, October 21, 2019

RU-Minnesota tailgate recap 10/19/19

Brepnation crew at the game having fun in the sun with the other 10,000 people who came to Homecoming 

It's one o'clock, can we go home yet? 
After another pummeling at the hands of Minnesota by a score of 42-7, there aren't many positives to the game itself other than the fact we scored.  For our only afternoon start of the season the tailgate began on a somber mood as we once again were saddened by the lack of BRES at the tailgate. Rumors are that with another missed tailgate his scholarship may be pulled.

Holobowski crew (plus photo bomber Eric)
gather around the grill  

Luckily we were joined by the BRES mother Kathy and  several other members of the Holobowski lineage to enjoy the awesome cheese stakes prepared by Bill, who again deserves a hand for pulling together another great tailgate. If we didn't have Bill's enthusiasm every week I'm not sure we could keep coming  for these games. Dana also requested some soul and got a dose of Sam Cooke.

The new statue 
A personal tailgate highlight was the first perfect round of 4 ringers in corn hole for a walk off win. On the way into the stadium we also got our first look at the new Scarlet Knight statue.

Audi Club Eric was up to his old tricks again, this time corrupting Provident
Bank Club Kathy to join him on his mission to live the good life. Some of us are still waiting for a cup of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. As we became bored with the second half, a new goal was attained. The Brepnation crew banded together to eat a record 10 refills of Pete's RU popcorn bucket. I am still processing my contributions internally.

Can we do 11 of these next week? 

Well meet again next week for a noon start against Liberty where RU will only be a 7 point underdog.

Who knows, maybe we can mount a challenge to the Fightin' Falwells.


  1. Great recap on the Minnesota tailgate and day!

    The entire Tinton Falls crew is out this week -- Hobos and Skurats (not returning from work conference until very late Friday).

    I can drop the gear off at BREP's on Friday on the way to curling.

  2. Well, we are already down Tom Labue, The Holobowskis, and possibly the Burks (who are at a maximum staying for a half) . Maybe we meet for breakfast at a diner at 9 AM and head over for a few drinks in the lot?

  3. I vote for 10am diner with no tailgate since we'll be trashing the Burk's house post-game.

  4. Let's get a head count and shoot for a 9:45 Meetup. Somerset Diner or Fountainbleu? Basil input needed.

  5. The f blue is our normal work choice we had some issues with Somerset and we stopped going there. So that’s my vote. Meet at diner or Walmart 9:45?

  6. I assume meet at diner makes sense since we've got plenty of parking passes so no need to consolidate cars.

  7. The Piscataway 7!!!!!!