Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rutgers vs. #20 Minnesota Roll Call

We're just as vexed. No idea
what this is, or that gophers
are sweaty and need
Good morning Nation!

So we finally get a mid-afternoon game (3:30 p.m. kick-off)!

That means even Kathy plans to attend our tailgate before the Golden Gophers -- whatever those are -- take our football team to the woodshed for homecoming.

You guys up for cheese-steaks this week?

If so I can handle the steak and Nino's sub rolls, and did a Costco run (for unrelated reasons) and ended up with a 15-lb. potato bag...can do home fries.

All we'd need is someone to make up a batch of peppers and onions, and provide whatever other sides folks are interested in bringing and/or make sense.

I also may have some desserts, depending on how many Costco cookies and cakes our visitors devour tonight at a meet-and-greet me and Kathy are hosting for folks running for our town council.

Figure a noon meet-up time at usual spot?

P.S. Congrats in order to Tom's Nationals for doing what my Braves were incapable of with the Cardinals because we can't pitch.


  1. Cheese steak sounds good. F the Nationals. He grew up a huge Mets fan.

  2. I'll bring fresh sautéed peppers & onions, and (in separate tray) mushrooms. In addition to Miller Lite, I'll bring 24 cans of Yuengling (12 Premium from BREP, and 12 Traditional from Biz) so I doubt we need more Yuengling.

    Witkowski HC = 3 -- me, Adam and Jess. My 4th ticket is up for grabs.

  3. Since we have beer and food I'll toss some money Bills way for his purchases.

  4. My crew will all be there. We'll have sodas and water. Let me know what else we need. Dave

  5. Right now it's just cheese steaks and home fries, so maybe another side dish or two would be nice.

  6. Dana and I will see you guys there at 12. I could bring a green salad.

  7. Hey it worked. I was able to publish!

  8. Earlier I ordered 10 lbs. of steak and 2.5 lbs. of cheese. Very exciting, unlike our prospects on the gridiron.

  9. Baz says hmmm c steaks sounds good. I think bill has the plates n stuff do we need more? I got $$

  10. I'll be up with some beer and some other side or sweet TBD.

    I will be bringing up my Liberty ticket as I will not be able to make that game. I will give it to Dave to hold or if someone specifically wants it, to them.

  11. Andrea and Eric will be there at noon. They will bring assorted chips and kick in money to Bill.

  12. See everyone at noon. I still have one extra ticket available for anyone who needs it.

  13. Desserts wise I've got a small batch of mini brownies, mini cinnamon buns and some cookies from our political powwow on Wednesday. I'll bring those and have about 2 trays of homefries

    No BRES again. Midday shindig and sleepover at buddy's before they do orienteering early Sunday in Englishtown. Lady Erin will be joining Kaitlyn and using his ticket. Kathy's cousin and husband evidently joining our tailgate as is cousin Ryan, who offers to provide burping services to anyone in need.