Thursday, October 10, 2019

Redshirts, Roxx Armada and a rout

The season may be going downhill, but BREP Nation still shows up to represent 
A long shadow was cast over the October 5th tailgate from the fallout following the announcement of the termination of Chris Ash as Rutgers head coach. BRES announced early in the morning he would not be attending the tailgate, as he was considering taking a redshirt for the 2019 tailgating season. The shocking news came after a late night viewing of The Joker (which BRES gave two red fists up). Hopefully he reconsiders his decision but we wish him well as he decides what is best for his future.

Jen getting the excellent fixins' ready
Andrea explaining the nuances of how Eric has
to properly cook a parking lot burger

The remainder of the BREPNation crew had no choice but to carry on with David and JREP stepping in to handle tailgating apprentice duties. Great job by all on the burgers, dogs, salads, desserts and fruits for an excellent tailgate meal. Louder than Loud kicked off the tailgate with a rousing start. We were also joined by special guest stars Sam & Beth and Eric's brothers family et al. Unfortunately after a solid first quarter for the Knights under Coach Nunzio, things got out of hand quickly leading to a Maryland blowout. 

Sam and Beth join the tailgate and meet Red Panda head  

The Knight tries to stop us from
leaving at the end on the third quarter. 
Rutgers fans may be beaten and
dejected, but they know how to respect their
fellow fans and have a good time. 

Hope to see you ALL back in the little black lot on for a 3:30 contest versus Minnesota on Saturday October 19th.  Hopefully all redshirt decisions will be made by then. 



  1. We need Shane. The tailgate is not the same without him.

  2. I know he's disgruntled, but does he really want to sit out a year?

  3. Low res BRES will need to step up.

  4. The King of Sandy Hook T shirt with bELieve written on it may be the best tailgating shirt of all time

    1. I'll wear it this week, and expect the return of LowRES though he wants to preserve a year of eligibility by sitting out all cornhole matches.