Monday, November 27, 2017

The sun sets on another Rutgers football tailgating season!

A stunning sunset did little to inspire the Scarlet Knights on this day. 
BREPNation convened for the final time in the overflow black for a Thanksgiving themed tailgate spread. The turkey casserole was as a great idea, and enjoyed by all. Guest stars at this week’s tailgates were the BRES grandmother and grandfather, and JC’s friend Dana.  Unfortunately, it was not a good day for the Knights as they finished the season 4-8. 
Are these guys playing harmonica or shotgunning beers? 
The Holobowski relatives 

BRES, as usual, shunned pants for the cold weather. Some Rutgers pants for Christmas would be great gift idea. Even after buying 250 tickets as a group of 10, we still couldn't win the 50/50!
Alexa makes an appearance - one quad is better than none!

Eric makes an new friend - RU Fan since 1869

Dana and his RU brick 
Thank you very much for the 2017 season tailgaters! You have inspired us for the last magnificent 7 tailgates. You have excelled in your corn hole competitions. You have shared your emotions with us and the whole RU world. You have celebrated victory with dignity, and accepted defeat with dignity. 

I declare the 2017 Rutgers tailgating season closed. In accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world (and to assemble 9 months from now in the overflow black parking lot of Piscataway to celebrate with us the 2018 Rutgers football season!
Time to put the bags away 'til next year
250 numbers - I'm still checking!!!
Honoring the flag during the national anthem  

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Happy Thanksgiving to All...and 1 Game Left

Well, Rutgers laid an egg in Indiana, so we're relegated to a "play for pride" and spoiler-role type game vs. Michigan State on Saturday. Kickoff is at 4 p.m.

I already know that Shane's interested in going and figure Kaitlyn will be as well.

If people are up for tailgating, I'll offer to make Firehouse Turkey -- basically a casserole that includes turkey, stuffing, pepper jack cheese and cream soups. It was a big hit in our last Derby party (but with chicken) and is a great leftovers dish.

Since we're doing about 40 lbs. of turkey for Thursday, I'm figuring to have ample supplies.

If others have different ideas, please try to chime in before Thursday.

Everyone be safe and enjoy their families!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Its a Party in Piscataway!

After turning down a shot at the Scarlet lot, the BRepNation crew descended on our usual secondary black area lot to set up shop. Battling through a tough week with a bad cold, torn ACL, and a flood ravaged basement, our fearless leader, the BRES father, 
Have you seen this boy?
turned out to host despite being listed as doubtful on the injury report, with a rare appearance from the BRES Mother. Unfortunately we were down a few from our usual crew, with BRES under the weather and sis home hitting the books.
 BRES Father and BRES MOTHER gutting it out

If the fist fits, wear it!

Don't worry, you'll beat her next time! 

The boys from the Asbury 'hood 
   As usual, the corn hole action was hot and heavy with Mother beating son in Witkowski clan action. Sharon's 'holing continues to improve after attending here fifth game of the year. Several newcomers got involved, including Hunterdon County Glen, Lawyer Bob, and Cousin Kyle's buds. With the great subs, salads and desserts, the Yuenglings were flowing. DL jr ably filled in to cover the BRES duties again. Please remember to tip your BRES! The tailgate was also treated to the IPod spinnings of DJ BREP, a new tradition sure to continue.

The ladies enjoying the game - Make some noise on 3rd down !!!! 
Chris makes an appearance!!!

After two weeks on the road, the next and last home game for the Scarlet Knights is November 25th against Michigan State - See you there!