Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Novemberfest Tailgate a Big Success

Outside of our Scarlet Knights fighting hard for four quarters and easily covering the gigantic point spread vs. Ohio State, there were several positive takeaways from Saturday's gathering on what turned out to be a chilly but completely bearable mid-November day in the black lot.

Festmeister Chris did an outstanding job of procuring some of the best sauerbraten ever and spaetzle from his man at Bahr's restaurant, while the Burks came through with some great kielbasa/sauerkraut and the Polish powerhouses came through with harvest rice and potato pancakes. Throw in some awesome Mueller's glazed crumb cake and TONS of desserts and we were well-fed.
Festmeister conducting
quality-control checks in
BREP Nation tailgate

Fair to say, though, that Chris won the tailgate as the spiritual leader of what has become our annual Oktoberfest-style festivities.
Basil: *)(*)#$&()*&#$
Translation: BREP will not
be sharing in 50-50 winnings

The group also made a wise decision to shift away from beer on a cold day to warm spirits -- Jagermeister, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam...yum! [And the Burks hot water for hot chocolate.

Meanwhile, Frank came through with a second set of cornhole boards for the group, enabling us to get involved in some heated competition.

And the tailgate wouldn't have been complete without coming nowhere close to hitting the 50-50.
Frank is:
a. strategizing
b. trying to locate other board
c. crop-dusting son Ryan (in background)
after kraut, processed meats and
potato pancakes
d. imitating his new grandson
making boom boom in pants

Of course it wasn't the same without our spiritual leader BREP, who was in the process of recovering from a gnarly case of bronchitis but used his time well by stalking Red Panda and trying to find a Groupon to get her to perform at our final home-game tailgate at a discounted rate.

We were also on a bye week for Roxx Armada, though our next gathering may feature some of the band's deep cuts, including a Christmas tune that might play well before our finale. 
BREP Nation welcomes
Lauren and Rob (seen here
admiring the Buffalo Trace)
Glenn & Frank discuss strategy
It took some sharpies, but we
finally made the stadium board
as "Tailgaters of the Game"
Festmeister enjoying quick
postgame burger & fries
Source: TMZ



  1. Did any boot, hurl chunks, vomit, etc?

  2. I may have...I wouldn't remember. But don't believe so.

  3. TMZ says floor burger was doctored. It was a can of ginger ale around 2 a.m.

  4. Yep, ginger ale & a Gatorade from 2-4am.

  5. Since I missed last week's game can I sign his back on Saturday?

  6. I'm up for meeting at Walmart at 9am. Larry and I discussed keeping the tailgate simple and everyone just brings their own subs/sandwiches and/or cold breakfast fare. I also have plenty of leftover beer I've accumulated over the course of the season. I will likely have extra room in my car since my family is practicing load management, so if anyone needs a ride from me please arrive by 9am.

  7. I will be there by 9am and will bring some beer and mini-cakes (for all). Will there be any extra tickets?

  8. I will be there at 9 with the two parking passes

  9. Witkowski update: Adam and Jess have come off the PUT (physically unable to tailgate) list and will be joining me. I will be bringing subs for the 3 of us + Larry who will also meet us at Walmart by 9am with 2 extra parking passes so anyone needing passes or rides should be at Walmart no later than 9am.

    Tom, if you can use my 4th ticket its yours.

  10. I'm out for the tailgate. Concert in AC tonight and I need to be up at 3 a.m. (yes, 3) to make sure Kaitlyn's out the door for a trip with the fire department to gather Xmas trees. It's true.

    If I show up it'll be just to the game and with my brother-in-law.

    1. Fire co. crew leaves TF at 3:30 a.m. for somewhere far away in Pennsyltucky, case anyone's wondering.

  11. Baz is in ... will be there 9am needing a ride. I will have my food. I also have smarthfood style popcorn and I'll probably bring something else to snack on.

  12. I think Chris might be having flashbacks and nightmares about hard alcohol from last week ... Well a tailgate should be fun and maybe even kill off some extra brain cells every know and then.

  13. I spoke to Andrea, and she and Eric will be there at 9 am and bring their own food.

  14. We'll have our food plus some chips and the cooler of sodas & water.

  15. Quite the perform. I will study intently.