Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Bloomington Six (and Prep for Ohio State Tailgate)

On the heels of B-Rep's fabulous wrap up of the Michigan State win, we turn attention now to the "Bloomington Six" that headed west to ensure that our beloved Scarlet Knights became bowl-eligible for the first time in almost a decade.

The Bloomington 6, prepping
for IU with fine spirits
Though only four of us where cheering on Rutgers, a tip of the cap to Janet and Tom Hoffman for coordinating the second-half of our five-day trip to Kentucky bourbon and horse country and to a B1G university that has had enough of us in a short time. 

Beautiful campus, downtown and football setting, with the stadium next door to Alumni Hall.

The perfect album cover for
hardcore punk band
Much as Rutgers -- the running game in particular -- was met with little resistance, IU fans seemed generally indifferent to our presence. Not a ton of fans outside of a smattering here and there, the Rutgers section of about 250 in the bottom right corner below us, but we came across several dignitaries, including Gavin's grandmother and other friends from their nearby Kentucky town. 

RU supporters revel in
win at The Upstairs
In the end, Rutgers 31 - Indiana 14 and a 6-2 record and guaranteed bowl for the Scarlet Knights.

Bloomington is a great college town and incredibly walkable. 

Scoreboard says it all
After the game, the thirsty crew headed to The Upstairs Club for a few pitchers, then to BuffaLouie's for impressive wings and beer. It's there that we met more of Team Wimsatt, proudly sporting their RU gear.

From there, a round at the famous Nick's English Hut and a late night of live country music at the historic Bluebird, where Audi Club Eric was itching to do some line dancing to the sounds of local hero Hank Ruff. We ended up leaving the club around 1 a.m. and just missed the arrest of 5-star IU basketball freshman MacKenzie Mgbako. (Of course, no suspension at all for a kid being a complete shithead and getting booked outside the Taco Bell basically across the street from the Bluebird.

Next Up: RU hosts Ohio State, Saturday at noon; tailgate meet-up at 8:45 a.m.: From Eric and Andrea's fabulous Halloween party, it seemed folks were cool doing our version of the Thurmanator, the ultimate pigout food of Columbus, OH, home of the Buckeyes. It's something we've done before with much success. Bill will handle all of the burger materials. 

Otherwise we could use maybe a breakfast pastry/food based on early arrival time and some sides; green salad, potato salad? Make suggestions in comment field below.

Some kind of
bullshit tower

Burks happy, well dressed

The Bluebird Cafe

Scene of Mgbako 2 a.m. arrest

Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Ode to the Loyal Six (and Andy & Anna)


This is the Ode the Loyal Six,

Who stayed to watch what was assumed an abyss.

Basil, BREP, Pete, Bill & Dave Labues times 2,

Joined by Andy & Anna after halftime, waterlogged through.

The tailgate was rousing, under panels we parked,

Breakfast was great, though no grill had sparked.

The walk to the stadium was drizzling and brisk,

Dana (and Daves) stopping as usual to check on his bricks.

Once the game started, for RU nothing went right,

We weren't going to go down without a fight?

Flagged for targeting (an illegal hit?!?)

Bad call after bad call “What was that s*t!”

Two Spartan scores just before half,

The rain got harder, Basil said get me a decaf. 

The lines were long, no coffee to be found, 

Watered down hot chocolate was only around.

After MSU scored mid third to make it 24-6,

Dana was gone yelling expletives to check in on his bricks. 

Andrea was cold as the wind and rain swept thee,

And as usual Eric said “lets go” early in quarter three.

Fans were grumbling, the language got hotter,

People were leaving, even diehard Pat Cotter!

All that are left are the Loyal Six,

Who stayed to watch what was assumed an abyss.

Basil, BREP, Pete, Bill & Dave Labues times 2,

Joined by Andy & Anna after halftime, still waterlogged through.

But a fumbled punt upon which our block team had sprung,

A Rutgers TD for our veteran Aaron Young!

Firmly settled in to Sharon’s comfy backed chair,

Realizing we now had more than a prayer.

It was at this point we knew we couldn’t just leave, 

the guy in front of us yelled “Believe, Jerry, Believe!”

Sparty got the ball and went out in three,

Rutgers drove 73 yards for another TD!

After a  Wimsatt to Dremel 2 point conversion,

Came RUs best yet kickoff diversion.

Lining up in a look for an onside kick,

Pooching the ball was the actual trick.

An unexpected jump ball that left us in in awe,

Stolen by Thomas Amakwaa!

One Kyle M. run for a TD up the middle, to give us the lead!

Later running out the clock, with a seven minute bleed.

Now raise you glasses and sing songs of glory,

To those who stayed, celebrate our story.

Basil, BREP, Pete, Bill & Dave Labues times 2,

Joined by Andy & Anna, very waterlogged through.


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

What We Learned from RU vs. Wagner

After careful consideration and reading through your mailbag suggestions, the editorial staff here at decided to compile a list of the things we learned from last weeks tailgate/game:
 1. We learned that when ordering pre cooked food, ask for it heated and not warm.
 2. We also learned there are nice people in the RU community that will let you use their grill is you plead enough with them, and we owe them a bottle of champagne in two weeks. 
3. We learned that Liam is an even better corn holer than his father Glen because.....
4. ......he finished his game with Adam versus BREP/Pete in stunning fashion with a perfect 4 bag "hole out" round to finish a route by a score of 31-3.  
5. We learned that Julie has no problem doing Kareoke as long as she doesn't have to sing. 

6. We learned anyone and everyone wants to do a shot of Eric LeGrande's whiskey. 
7. We also learned that Dana does not want to be the cook at any tailgates in the near future. He was heard to mutter on his walk into the stadium, "I'm a doctor, not a caterer!" in a tribute to Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. 
8. We learned that Dana got the rights to the RU brick in the divorce, and he is required to visit the brick 5 times a year to maintain custody.
9. We learned how much we miss Jenny, and how great her new job is!  
10. We learned the way to get all the $1 pizza you want is to go to the upper deck stand (Sorry, Jen)

11. Finally, we learned Pete and Sharon are the only ones in our group who get Peacock!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Setting up the Wagner Tailgate

Looks like Dana is taking the lead based on text chains. This is set up so everyone can chime in what they are bringing.
please help Dana89 to help you

Sunday, September 17, 2023

RU Withstands Mild Scare, Roasts Castrated Gobblers 35-16; BREP Nation Rejoices

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023 was picture perfect.

2:30 p.m. group shot before stadium walk

Sun, weather in the mid 70s. 

Rutgers football executed. 

Zero turnovers. 

Minimal mistakes. 

Over 250 yards rushing. 

Meanwhile, the contingent dubbed B-REP Nation brought it as usual with a stellar pregame tailgate.

The menu aligned with turkey-themed cuisine in honor of our visitors and equally commensurate with what the Scarlet Knights made its foe look like on the gridiron.

The citizens of Asbury
usually need to hunt
for meals, but not
at B-REP Nation
Smoked Turkey
Castrated Turkey
On the scoreboard, the Hokies looked smoked. Yet the game was a lot closer the score looked.

Game started with a turnover on Va Tech's first drive and a quick answer via Kyle Monangai's first of three TDs, an untouched 19-yard scamper 43 seconds in to put RU ahead 7-0.

QC Director
The Hokies' only response was a field goal to make it 7-3 before Rutgers responded with two straight touchdowns, including a 34-yard QB draw by Gavin Wimsatt, to take a 21-3 halftime lead.

Va Tech made things interesting with two third-quarter TDs to draw within 21-16 before Monangai closed the door with consecutive touchdowns, including a 55-yarder, to put the game out of reach and send Rutgers again to 3-0 on the season before a stiff road contest vs. Michigan, ranked No. 2 nationally, next Saturday at noon. 

Huge tailgate turnout with several new guests running the numbers to 20-25 B-REPers. 

These ladies roxx!
The Witkowskis brought 63% of Asbury, NJ's population, including a late-arriving political dignitary, the Hunterdon County chapter of the castrated gobblers' fanclub and Glenn's family, including the coolest child tailgater since Logan and B-RES (a.k.a. Shane; "Stan" to some) attended the game with Legrand's return to the stadium in a snowstorm in October 2011. 

...AND Krimpets
dipped in bourbon
make a great pairing!
Andrea happy to learn
there IS a Great
Spiritual leader B-REP hosted John, Jennifer and Matthew of the Bridgewater Bembens, along with RU alum and tailgate returnees Nancy Henderson and son Gavin. (No word on the level of disappointment of yesterday's football result over their son/older brother who chose to school in Blacksburg, VA for some presumably unwise reason). 

The Burks brought it B1Gtime with stuffing and cornbread casserole to accompany the Hobos' smoked turkey breast, not to mention Eric's provision of Woodford Reserve, which makes a perfect complement to Andy's Butterscotch Krimpets for dipping purposes and Bill's walk-in snack.

(B-REP Nation sources confirm that Andrea has already Google'd and found several bourbon butterscotch dessert recipes for October's annual Halloween Party in Roselle Roselle Park.)

True VT warrior...
loss in cornhole to
beloved neighbor,
plus to RU football
Tom argues to BREP
that Radiohead did
more for music
than Bruce

Speaking of Andy, bringing it large once again with two trays of delicious mac and cheese, with the leftovers foisted upon Erin, Logan and their roommates, though what college kid could complain with next-day eats of such high quality, including pulled pork, baked black and kidney beans with bacon and smoked turkey, plus brisket provided by Tom. 

Great also to be joined by the early-arriving Basil (Biz) and John with his green salad bullshit.

The Pt. Pleasant Labues were very vocal and a key presence inside oSHI*! Stadium after earlier travel soccer obligations. 

Let it be known, too, that Rutgers is undefeated with both the lovely Kathy H. in attendance and Dana absent. Some debated in the postgame parking lot hang about conspiring to ensure that the good doctor is obligated to weekend duty through football season but we should have none of that. 

Clearly the latter point is made up, but symbolic of the great sense of humor that this wonderful group of tailgaters and friends needs in subjecting itself to Rutgers sports allegiance.

On that note, Shana Tovah and go RU!

A break from tailgating next week, with Wagner on Sept. 30. (Hobos will be at UMD, so early offer of two tickets plus parking that we'd prefer to keep within the group; text Bill if tickets, pass have taker.

Glen embracing Krimpets...

...and turkey dogs

Bill sidehustle with "Evil Pete"...

...and Pablo of Tinton Falls

Agreement over food, not
B-REP's playlist

Biz, John, Pete

"Stop Dad, need more snacks!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

B-REP Nation Preps for RU vs. Va. Tech Fighting Gobblers

After getting very lucky and avoiding inclement weather at Saturday's tailgate and workmanlike 36-7 win vs. Temple, we re-rally for this week's tilt vs. Virginia Tech.

Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and let's get the chat going on meeting times and what people are bringing.

I've got to split for a meeting, but will update with a more thorough recap either tonight or tomorrow, highlighting attendees and the strong menu, including Dana's pretzel bullshit. The good doctor's bourbon did make a fine combination with the Philly-based butterscotch crimpets provided by Erin's dad Andy.

Use comments below for rollcall and headcount. I bought 7 lbs. of turkey breast to smoke, and I sense people were on board with some gobbler. Maybe we can go with southern BBQ fare as sides, or Virginia ham if folks are insistent on the state name. Either way, would be great if we could just set up as sterno and warmers but I'm cool bringing the grill if needed.


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Rutgers Clobbers Northwestern, Preps To Crumble Temple

Sunday marked a rare exacta of winning the tailgate AND the game, with a convincing 24-3 victory for our beloved Scarlet Knights to get the 2023 season off on the right foot. 

Rutgers made easy work of Northwestern as the Wildcats looked like they had naked human carwashes and Shrek claps more top of mind than how to stop RU's stingy defense. Maybe for us it was equal parts bad team making the other look good, but it's a step in the right direction and gives us hope to begin the campaign 2-0 with Temple ahead on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

"If you love char,
B-REP is your chef."
-- Daily Targum 9-4-23
B-REP Nation came out ready to fire, with most of the crew in the parking lot by 8:45 a.m. ahead of the noon kickoff and eager to get reacquainted after summer. 

Menu was top notch, with all contributing. 

Debut attendee Andy and wife and B-REP Nation tailgate returnee Anna (a.k.a. Erin's parents) gave props to all chefs and may return in '23, perhaps as soon as Saturday. Anna also realized Eric and Andrea are the "Halloween Party people" after giving Erin approval to attend the Roselle Park throwdowns and sneak alcoholic beverages for years. Erin and Logan, BTW, are rooming in Livi Apartments for senior year (!) and their RU swan song; their 4-person on-campus place is sweet, BTW. 

(In background: canopy of
tenant of Jetlife Stadium

Friends forever for what may
be final year on the Banks!
The Witkowski contingent was smaller than usual but had the key piece (Sharon) and promises to bring overflow crowds post-St. Mary High School reunion (this Saturday also). Pete bought some new flavor in that Scarlet Ale, where 0.005 cents on every unit sold goes to fund NILs. So everyone stock up and support!

Speaking of things St. Mary, B-REP's return to the scene was an added blessing and energy lift. It's great having our spiritual leader regularly back in the mix! Not to mention bringing along friend Steve and a 7' young man that we'll probably see on some Wales rugby Netflix show as that content provider continues reaching for content. 

Nation Hotties

The Labues all looked good and two of them about 18" taller. I'm not sure they did any offseason work on their beanbagging, however, as our sources signal no threat to Jennifer's torchbearer status in our parking lot cornhole competitions for years to come. 

A strong Tinton Falls contingent was on hand with Hobo neighbors Rob and Joann Sjosward joining Chris Skurat, while Dana and John made the Monmouth County crew's pimphand stronger. Rob and Joann brought it with RU gear and the Uncle Guisseppe's sausage and peppers and had a good experience ahead of SEC style tailgating when they visit son Jake, a freshman at Tennessee. 

Temple Tailgate Idea

3rd-team DB just made 3 cents
courtesy of Knights of the
Roxx Armada
In keeping with food-of-opponents theme, everyone up for cheesesteaks and homefries? 

If so I'll get to working on the supplies and all can chip in on supplies. Else we could use the usual assortment of snacks, desserts, drinks, ets. 

Dr. Dana blessed all IPAs
plus the chorizo and S&P

As for a meeting time, Andrea threw out 3:30 p.m. Is that too early for folks or that OK?

Might want to bring canopies again or consider a spot under the solar panels with some rain in the extended forecast. 

Yet there to brighten our day will be Kathy, back from her NYC adventures this past Sunday and eager for good food, times and football. 

Let the comments commence for roll call and such (no Larry, Witkowskis and Tom this week).

Rob, Joann, Festmeister, Big E