Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Not Sure +50.5 Is Enough Points for RU

As 5 of us sit here at the RAC awaiting the Rutgers-Drexel tipoff, we got to talking about Saturday's Ohio St. tailgate.

In honor of Festmeister Skurat, we're dusting off Oktoberfest. Maybe a month late, but that's how we roll.

Thus far we've got Chris ordering sauerbraten from his man in the Highlands; we can all kick in for that.

Hobo is doing potato pancakes. 

Pete the spaetzle.

Eric and Andrea kielbasa and kraut.

Comment on what you're gonna add.

We could maybe use desserts, e.g. apple strudel, brats (if anyone's inclined to grill them), Jaegermeister, etc. 


  1. Witkowski HC: 2 - just me and neighbor Glenn so I have 2 extra tickets. But my niece Lauren and her husband Rob will likely stop by the tailgate.

    I'm told that the Festmeister has ordered spaetzle, so I'll bring my autumn rice instead. And Glenn will bring apple strudel (or similar-themed dessert).

    Let's agree to meet by noon at Wal-Mart. Pacheco is back and Chase Young is suspended so that definitely tips things in our favor.

  2. In terms of beer, I'll bring Miller Lite plus I have 12 cans of Yuengling (8 Premium and 4 Traditional) from prior tailgates, so the Yuengling proponents amongst us can decide if they wish to bring more. If so, we can keep it boxed and only break it out if necessary.

  3. And enough of BRES and his tailgate load management BS. We expect to see him tomorrow.

    1. Same here, Pete.

      Signed, Doc Rivers

      PS. Yes Chris ordered that high carb German delicacy so your off the hook in making Sprockets

  4. I am out this week, but will likely be coming up for Michigan State next week.

  5. All 4 of us will be there on Saturday. I'll be the only one eating Oktoberfest though. We'll have the cooler with water & sodas. Perhaps some other snacks.
    We'll meet all of you in the alternate Black lot a little after 12.

  6. Bill be stopping by my house tonight to pick up my ticket and the parking passes.

  7. Since Larry isn't going and unless someone needs a ride from Walmart, Glenn and I will just join the LaBues in the alternate black lot at ~12:15 and we'll see everyone else there.

  8. Meeting in our usual spot in the black lot sounds fine

  9. Baz. J├Ągermeister Was requested I’ll bring it with cups or something. I think hobo has the box.

  10. Baz needs a ride to ru from the mall who’s going there??

  11. Wait, so everyone is meeting at black lot, no Walmart? I don’t have parking...

  12. Sorry, I didn't realize there would be anyone needing a ride in my vehicle. I'm happy to meet at Wal-Mart and can take 2 additional people but can folks please be there by noon?