Wednesday, October 4, 2023

What We Learned from RU vs. Wagner

After careful consideration and reading through your mailbag suggestions, the editorial staff here at decided to compile a list of the things we learned from last weeks tailgate/game:
 1. We learned that when ordering pre cooked food, ask for it heated and not warm.
 2. We also learned there are nice people in the RU community that will let you use their grill is you plead enough with them, and we owe them a bottle of champagne in two weeks. 
3. We learned that Liam is an even better corn holer than his father Glen because.....
4. ......he finished his game with Adam versus BREP/Pete in stunning fashion with a perfect 4 bag "hole out" round to finish a route by a score of 31-3.  
5. We learned that Julie has no problem doing Kareoke as long as she doesn't have to sing. 

6. We learned anyone and everyone wants to do a shot of Eric LeGrande's whiskey. 
7. We also learned that Dana does not want to be the cook at any tailgates in the near future. He was heard to mutter on his walk into the stadium, "I'm a doctor, not a caterer!" in a tribute to Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. 
8. We learned that Dana got the rights to the RU brick in the divorce, and he is required to visit the brick 5 times a year to maintain custody.
9. We learned how much we miss Jenny, and how great her new job is!  
10. We learned the way to get all the $1 pizza you want is to go to the upper deck stand (Sorry, Jen)

11. Finally, we learned Pete and Sharon are the only ones in our group who get Peacock!

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