Sunday, September 17, 2023

RU Withstands Mild Scare, Roasts Castrated Gobblers 35-16; BREP Nation Rejoices

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023 was picture perfect.

2:30 p.m. group shot before stadium walk

Sun, weather in the mid 70s. 

Rutgers football executed. 

Zero turnovers. 

Minimal mistakes. 

Over 250 yards rushing. 

Meanwhile, the contingent dubbed B-REP Nation brought it as usual with a stellar pregame tailgate.

The menu aligned with turkey-themed cuisine in honor of our visitors and equally commensurate with what the Scarlet Knights made its foe look like on the gridiron.

The citizens of Asbury
usually need to hunt
for meals, but not
at B-REP Nation
Smoked Turkey
Castrated Turkey
On the scoreboard, the Hokies looked smoked. Yet the game was a lot closer the score looked.

Game started with a turnover on Va Tech's first drive and a quick answer via Kyle Monangai's first of three TDs, an untouched 19-yard scamper 43 seconds in to put RU ahead 7-0.

QC Director
The Hokies' only response was a field goal to make it 7-3 before Rutgers responded with two straight touchdowns, including a 34-yard QB draw by Gavin Wimsatt, to take a 21-3 halftime lead.

Va Tech made things interesting with two third-quarter TDs to draw within 21-16 before Monangai closed the door with consecutive touchdowns, including a 55-yarder, to put the game out of reach and send Rutgers again to 3-0 on the season before a stiff road contest vs. Michigan, ranked No. 2 nationally, next Saturday at noon. 

Huge tailgate turnout with several new guests running the numbers to 20-25 B-REPers. 

These ladies roxx!
The Witkowskis brought 63% of Asbury, NJ's population, including a late-arriving political dignitary, the Hunterdon County chapter of the castrated gobblers' fanclub and Glenn's family, including the coolest child tailgater since Logan and B-RES (a.k.a. Shane; "Stan" to some) attended the game with Legrand's return to the stadium in a snowstorm in October 2011. 

...AND Krimpets
dipped in bourbon
make a great pairing!
Andrea happy to learn
there IS a Great
Spiritual leader B-REP hosted John, Jennifer and Matthew of the Bridgewater Bembens, along with RU alum and tailgate returnees Nancy Henderson and son Gavin. (No word on the level of disappointment of yesterday's football result over their son/older brother who chose to school in Blacksburg, VA for some presumably unwise reason). 

The Burks brought it B1Gtime with stuffing and cornbread casserole to accompany the Hobos' smoked turkey breast, not to mention Eric's provision of Woodford Reserve, which makes a perfect complement to Andy's Butterscotch Krimpets for dipping purposes and Bill's walk-in snack.

(B-REP Nation sources confirm that Andrea has already Google'd and found several bourbon butterscotch dessert recipes for October's annual Halloween Party in Roselle Roselle Park.)

True VT warrior...
loss in cornhole to
beloved neighbor,
plus to RU football
Tom argues to BREP
that Radiohead did
more for music
than Bruce

Speaking of Andy, bringing it large once again with two trays of delicious mac and cheese, with the leftovers foisted upon Erin, Logan and their roommates, though what college kid could complain with next-day eats of such high quality, including pulled pork, baked black and kidney beans with bacon and smoked turkey, plus brisket provided by Tom. 

Great also to be joined by the early-arriving Basil (Biz) and John with his green salad bullshit.

The Pt. Pleasant Labues were very vocal and a key presence inside oSHI*! Stadium after earlier travel soccer obligations. 

Let it be known, too, that Rutgers is undefeated with both the lovely Kathy H. in attendance and Dana absent. Some debated in the postgame parking lot hang about conspiring to ensure that the good doctor is obligated to weekend duty through football season but we should have none of that. 

Clearly the latter point is made up, but symbolic of the great sense of humor that this wonderful group of tailgaters and friends needs in subjecting itself to Rutgers sports allegiance.

On that note, Shana Tovah and go RU!

A break from tailgating next week, with Wagner on Sept. 30. (Hobos will be at UMD, so early offer of two tickets plus parking that we'd prefer to keep within the group; text Bill if tickets, pass have taker.

Glen embracing Krimpets...

...and turkey dogs

Bill sidehustle with "Evil Pete"...

...and Pablo of Tinton Falls

Agreement over food, not
B-REP's playlist

Biz, John, Pete

"Stop Dad, need more snacks!"


  1. Awesome job Bill, on both the blog post and the tailgate organization!! Another amazing job!!!!

  2. The Total Wine in Eatontown has some butterscotch moonshine, not the same brand Eric had but still good.