Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Rutgers Clobbers Northwestern, Preps To Crumble Temple

Sunday marked a rare exacta of winning the tailgate AND the game, with a convincing 24-3 victory for our beloved Scarlet Knights to get the 2023 season off on the right foot. 

Rutgers made easy work of Northwestern as the Wildcats looked like they had naked human carwashes and Shrek claps more top of mind than how to stop RU's stingy defense. Maybe for us it was equal parts bad team making the other look good, but it's a step in the right direction and gives us hope to begin the campaign 2-0 with Temple ahead on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

"If you love char,
B-REP is your chef."
-- Daily Targum 9-4-23
B-REP Nation came out ready to fire, with most of the crew in the parking lot by 8:45 a.m. ahead of the noon kickoff and eager to get reacquainted after summer. 

Menu was top notch, with all contributing. 

Debut attendee Andy and wife and B-REP Nation tailgate returnee Anna (a.k.a. Erin's parents) gave props to all chefs and may return in '23, perhaps as soon as Saturday. Anna also realized Eric and Andrea are the "Halloween Party people" after giving Erin approval to attend the Roselle Park throwdowns and sneak alcoholic beverages for years. Erin and Logan, BTW, are rooming in Livi Apartments for senior year (!) and their RU swan song; their 4-person on-campus place is sweet, BTW. 

(In background: canopy of
tenant of Jetlife Stadium

Friends forever for what may
be final year on the Banks!
The Witkowski contingent was smaller than usual but had the key piece (Sharon) and promises to bring overflow crowds post-St. Mary High School reunion (this Saturday also). Pete bought some new flavor in that Scarlet Ale, where 0.005 cents on every unit sold goes to fund NILs. So everyone stock up and support!

Speaking of things St. Mary, B-REP's return to the scene was an added blessing and energy lift. It's great having our spiritual leader regularly back in the mix! Not to mention bringing along friend Steve and a 7' young man that we'll probably see on some Wales rugby Netflix show as that content provider continues reaching for content. 

Nation Hotties

The Labues all looked good and two of them about 18" taller. I'm not sure they did any offseason work on their beanbagging, however, as our sources signal no threat to Jennifer's torchbearer status in our parking lot cornhole competitions for years to come. 

A strong Tinton Falls contingent was on hand with Hobo neighbors Rob and Joann Sjosward joining Chris Skurat, while Dana and John made the Monmouth County crew's pimphand stronger. Rob and Joann brought it with RU gear and the Uncle Guisseppe's sausage and peppers and had a good experience ahead of SEC style tailgating when they visit son Jake, a freshman at Tennessee. 

Temple Tailgate Idea

3rd-team DB just made 3 cents
courtesy of Knights of the
Roxx Armada
In keeping with food-of-opponents theme, everyone up for cheesesteaks and homefries? 

If so I'll get to working on the supplies and all can chip in on supplies. Else we could use the usual assortment of snacks, desserts, drinks, ets. 

Dr. Dana blessed all IPAs
plus the chorizo and S&P

As for a meeting time, Andrea threw out 3:30 p.m. Is that too early for folks or that OK?

Might want to bring canopies again or consider a spot under the solar panels with some rain in the extended forecast. 

Yet there to brighten our day will be Kathy, back from her NYC adventures this past Sunday and eager for good food, times and football. 

Let the comments commence for roll call and such (no Larry, Witkowskis and Tom this week).

Rob, Joann, Festmeister, Big E


  1. Bill and Kathy for Temple game, OK with 330p; will buy steak, cheeses, Nino rolls, onion and make homefried/spuds

  2. Sounds good for us. 3 for Cheesesteaks. We'll bring sodas, water's, and chips. Let me know what else. -Dave

  3. I will be arriving just before game time. Dana will attend the TG. He plans to bring a caprese salad and some pretzel BS.

  4. Enjoy the game, wish I was able to go.

  5. Just writing aloud...current count: Bill + Kathy (2), Logan/Kaitlyn + Erin (2), Anna + Andy (2), Pt. Beach Bums (3), Dr. Dana and his pretzel BS (1), Burk crew (5-8). I'll get food for ~20, taking care of steak and cheeses, sub rolls and spuds. Someone please bring plates so we're not scrounging like last week. DAVE (and OTHERS that own one) please bring canopy; rain, random T storms in forecast. I'll shoot to arrive by 3:30-3:45 p.m.

  6. Hi--Eric and I will be there and Eric's brother and family will be using the Witkowski's 4 tickets. Also, our friends Will and Erin will be joining the tailgate. So we're a total of 8. Bill, thanks for taking the lead on the main course. We'll get plates and it looks like we could use some desserts, otherwise we will give Bill some $$ towards the steaks.

  7. Im packing plates and such as well, will have plenty

    1. awesome, so we'll have at least 3 canopies and 2 tables (I have cloths for them)