Friday, November 2, 2018

Rundown for the RU-Northwestern Homecoming - Part 2 - Audi Club Eric

No trek into the game is complete without stopping to see Dana's Brick
The stamp to the heaven above 

Sauerbraten as far as the eye can see
After the morning tailgate festivities, BREP-Nation went into the stadium ready for the game. Little did we know that Audi Club Eric would be able to work his magic to get several of us into his new personal playground.
Have another cream puff!
Drinks are on Eric!

As usual the BREP nation crew tried to push the limits of the RU service staff to the brink by passing the food and drinks down the remaining members at the seats below, getting Adam his second stern warning of the day from the RU police.
The peasants down below
 fend for their scraps 
The king and queen of the Audi Club look down
 from their lofty perch


How did that get down here? 

Three cheers for Audi Club Eric! 

Next home game is against Michigan on November with a time yest to be announced.

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  1. I have to say, that was my most memorable RU game in some time. Not because of the football, but all of the underlying fun & stories behind it. of course highlighted by Audi Eric's incredible antics!!! It goes to show how cool of a group we are...making the best of a bad situation (even though the actual game wasn't too bad). We are lucky to have such a great group!

    Oh and thanks Eric & Andrea for another AWESOME bash!!!