Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Michigan Game, SMH

We'll refrain this year from re-posting the picture of us stepping on the Univ. of Michigan pillow at the bongo house on our last trip to Ann Arbor, in hopes that the #4 Wolverines don't stomp on us too bad this coming Saturday at Low Point/No Solutions Stadium.

The schedule makers must have had a 2+ blood-alcohol content when they decided to make our game a 3:40 p.m. kick-off, but at the least we don't have to get up super early to meet. Weather's supposed to be OK -- on the chilly side, but dry after rain on Friday.

Assuming our standard operating procedure, let's meet at noon at the Walmart lot.

Food-wise, I'm an open book but will offer to either dust off the Maize and Blue Awning sandwich idea that we did a few years back, or go simple cheese-steaks.

Either way, cast your vote below in the comments. The latter's less work, but I'm fine w/either or something different y'all wanna do instead.

Separately, if anyone has two available tickets please let me know. Asking for a friend.


  1. I'm sorry we'll be missing the game which I'm sure will be thrilling, but we're attending the wedding of Donna & Glenn's son so the Witkowski's will be occupied elsewhere.

    My 3 tickets and parking pass were given to Larry, and I believe Dave has claimed two of the tickets The third may still be available since I believe the 3:30 start rules out the Swede, so that ticket is fair game at the moment.

    See you all the following week when we play TTFP.

  2. The cheese steaks always taste phenomenal so we’d be fine with that. We have beer, water, soda and chips we could bring.

  3. I'm out this week, so if Dave can't use the ticket, it is up for grabs.

  4. Baz says cheeeeze steaks. We also have 2 extra tixs still up for grabs (Pete’s n scotts). I asked a ton of people n no one cares to go.

  5. I am game for Cheese Steaks. I can help with the main items Bill, let's discuss tomorrow. I can run and get the rolls from Nino's if you like.

  6. Cheese steaks sound good. BREP

  7. OK cool...I'll order the steaks and will take the 2 tix if available; my cousin Kyle was asking for a buddy who wanted to bring his son or some such.

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  9. Cheese steaks sound awesome. See you guys tomorrow!

  10. Baz says hobo can have the 2 tix from Pete n Scott. I have the backup box with GaS and Cheetos to bring.

  11. If I've got this correct, it's gonna be:
    - Team Hobo (3; 4 if you count Low-Res with Kaitlyn and B-RES)
    - Skurat (1)
    - D. Labue (4)
    - Burk (2)
    - Coulter-Dana (2)
    - Basil (1)
    - El B-REP (1)
    - Bill's cousins, friend w/kid (3-5)

    BTW, the guy that my cousin asked for tickets about is bringing is 9-year-old son for his birthday, so prep for b'day cake and singing, and maybe a special shout out from our B-Master Rep.