Friday, October 26, 2018

Rundown for the RU-Northwestern Homecoming - Part 1

Can you spot all the big heads in the picture? 

Oktoberfest feast!
Facing the music for no ID 
The Brepnation crew assembled yet again in the black lot for the fifth time this year with limited hope of a Scarlet Knights victory on Homecoming. To our surprise, Rutgers gave their best effort of the year on defense with Chris Ash handling the play calls, leading to a rare safety and a 12-7 halftime lead. Unfortunately the offense again wasn't able to do much in the second half, and didn't record a first down for the final 25 minutes, leading to a 18-15 Northwestern win. While the game was entertaining, there was an unusual amount of tailgate shenanigans to report on. Our annual Oktoberfest feat was its usual great success with many chipping in the different dishes and beers.

Welcome newcomer Jess! (in happier times)
Backup called in the handle the situation 

 Adam learned the hard way what not to do to impress Jess, attending her first tailgate, running into trouble with the local precinct. Only the desperate pleadings of his mother allowed Adam to not be carted away for lack of identification, even though he is 23. Eric even offered the cops $20 to get a picture of the perp in cuffs. (Note to BRES: In the future make sure to ask for proper ID before serving!)

Have you seen this man in the 4th quarter?
The Eric-head presentation 

In typical BREPnation crew fashion, the tailgate was only slightly sidetracked for this week's presentation of the latest head. "Three Quarters Eric" took his turn in the spotlight, receiving this major award. Known for his great generosity and making sure all have a good time, it was an award that was long overdue. In informal polling, the website has indicated that the ERIC-Head has edge out Sharon-Head as the most popular head.  In the immortal words of BRES, missing for the tailgate, but available via Skype, it was an "instant classic".

Check back soon for our second post next week for the happenings in the stadium during the game.

Coming soon...The Adventures of Audi Club Eric 

"His head is bigger than mine!"


  1. Solid recap on the tailgate and what is, by far, the safest place to be at 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday, what with the police presence.

  2. Looking ahead-if anyone has an extra ticket for the November 10 game, John the Swede would be interested as he is flying out that nite and would like to join us all for one last tailgate!

  3. The Witkowski family will be attending a wedding on Nov. 10th so I've already given my 3 tickets + parking pass to Larry for distribution within our group as he sees fit.