Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The 2018 Tailgating Season is over

For the final tailgate of the year, our usual black lot adventures have several dramatic highlights:

Basil and Shane contemplate what to do next 

Andrea finds an alternate grill with our engineering Class of  '86 neighbors
Grill Plate Saviors: 
The A&E production team quickly sprang quickly into action when it was determined our grill was useless without the grill plates. Our tailgating neighbors generously allowed us access to their grill to cook up  Andrea’s Eric's awesome Sloppy Joes! 

Let me explain - I got one car and two passes.... 
and I have no idea who Adam is

Parking Lot Drama: 
Members of the local precinct patrolled the black lot looking for offenders, finding someone to bother who was taking up an additional parking spot on a day when the stadium was half full. That group had an extra unused parking pass that upon appeal to the roving lieutenant of parking security was found acceptable to let them keep their space.  Tough to have a good tailgate time when you are getting hassled by the man.
Look! Fourth Quarter!

Not this week Buddy!
Rejected in his attempt to gain Audi Club Access, Three Quarters Eric actually stayed to see the fourth quarter.

Wail until the French aupairs
see the new 2019 Basil look  
Looking Sharp!

The Game:
It was another entertaining battle that ended up with RU on the wrong side of a 20-7 loss for an easy cover. If only Gio could have caught that double reverse touchdown pass, we could have had our play of the year! Also the red mac looks to be a new style choice heading into 2019!

In closing: As this year could be called The Season of the Big Heads, who knows what next year's trend will be. Wait until we get behind the backboard in the student section at a basketball game with all four heads!!! 
All I can say is I'm sure someone in the group will come up with something great! 

Long live BREPNation.com!

Tailgaters pledge:
Thank you very much for the 2018 season BREPNation.com tailgaters! You have inspired us for the last magnificent 7 tailgates. You have excelled in your corn hole competitions. You have shared your emotions with us and the whole RU world. You have celebrated our lone victory with dignity, and accepted numerous defeats with dignity. I declare the 2018 Rutgers tailgating season closed. In accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world (and BREPNation.com) to assemble 9 months from now in the Black parking lot of Piscataway to celebrate with us the 2019 Rutgers football season!

See you next year!

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  1. Editorial note: the sloppy joes were mixed and cooked by Eric on Friday night.