Monday, November 12, 2018

RU-Michigan Wrap up

The cook getting ready with
RU red gloves - always in spirit

The BrepNation crew assembled in the the depths of the main black lot for our sixth tailgate of the season on a windy, cold, afternoon for our first late afternoon home start of the season. Down a few key members of the Witkowski clan, Sharon Head and a Labue, the hardy tailgaters braved the gale force winds that made Cornhole nearly unplayable. Luckily for us, Bill stepped up in difficult conditions to prepare awesome cheese steaks. He deserves a big hand from BREP Nation for the effort he makes to put these tailgates together, as well as handling all the ticket related headaches that comes with a group of about 20 every year. Long Live the BRES father! 

Getting the grill up and running in hurricane like wind conditions under the watchful eye of BRES 

Making sure the meat is done to perfection
As for the game itself, Rutgers got off to a good start to be tied at 7-7 later in the first quarter after a long run by the Fight Doctor, Isiah Pacheco.  As things got colder and Michigan ran up the score, the BREP Nation crew dwindled down to two by the end of the third quarter. As lest Audi Club Eric was able to keep his club crashing steak going.
You can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me!
We apologize the content this week is a little light due to the loss of the official BREP camera during the game. 

See everyone next week for the final home game of the season for a noon time start against Penn State. 


  1. If there is an extra ticket for next week- I'll take 1.

  2. Nice job on the recap and kudos to all of us for making it through most of the bitterly cold game! There was a folding red chair left in the lot when we were packing up-we have it, so someone claim it.

  3. Man those cheese steaks were awesome, thank you Bill! I agree Andrea, we all made the best of a bad situation and it was another memorable day with good friends. Thanks BREP for the onslaught of rare Beatles out-takes...ones even the Fab Four didn't know about.