Sunday, March 17, 2019

Football Ticket Renewal Time!

Panda is the inspiration for BREP
turning a new leaf for the '19 season,
as the "Poppy" part is put to rest.
As much as I want to avoid thinking about RU football until at least September, the ticket office has been calling, emailing...even sending its basketball halftime-show talent to my get us to renew our seasons for 2019.

After hanging out with Big Red Elvis Panda, "Cast Iron" Pete Witkowski and JSRC (John "Shore Running" Coulter) at several exciting men's basketball games this season, it's clear the fire for sub-.500 football and great tailgates still burns, and so we're dusting off B-Rep to conduct a roll-call for '19 tickets.

We're also considering a residency for Red Panda to perform acrobatics and such at our tailgates, and are in discussions to add "Spectrum" and select other members of the RAC Pack for effect.

"Let's start cutting those
checks, B-REP Nation!"
Please use the comment field to say how many you need, and let's try to wrap this up by April 1 so that we don't have to talk again for at least another five months, as it was meant to be.

I hope all's well w/everyone!

2019 Home Schedule
Fri. Aug. 30 vs. UMass
Sat. Sept. 21 vs. Boston College
Sat. Oct. 5 vs. Maryland
Sat. Oct. 19 vs. Minnesota
Sat. Oct. 26 vs. Liberty
Sat. Nov. 16 vs. Ohio State
Sat. Nov. 23 vs. Michigan State


  1. I'm in for my ticket. Speaking with Basil the other day, I don't think we are going to keep the extra ticket we shared last year (Basil to confirm). Long Live RED Panda!

  2. My Cast Iron resolve for RU football is unwavering, even if some of the last year's games were about as pleasurable as a broken nose. Just a heads up (or down) that the Witkowski's are in for 4 tickets this year.

  3. I still want 2 tickets. Hoping for twice as many wins as last year!

  4. I am only in for 1 again this year, and my attendance be spotty based on Evan's cross country season meets. Bummed I missed everyone at some hoops games this year...they made it interesting for sure!

  5. I will be in for my 1 ticket. Almost anything will be better than last year's games.

  6. I’m in for at least 1 let me talk with Scott about anything more. Baz

  7. Bill how much approximately per person this year?

  8. Still same price as last year -- $280 a seat for the season + $25 pp "scholarship fee" + 5 parking passes split fractionally per seat.

    Basil, please let me know ASAP about Scott.

    Last year we had 18 but we're up to 19 this season with Pete and Dave adding 1 apiece and as we lose Tinton Falls Scott. If Scott Fitz returns we'll be back to 20.

    [Current count: Hobo 3, Big Red Elvis Panda 1, Pete 4, Coulter 2, Skurat 1, Tom 1, Dave 4, Burk 2, Basil 1 (+1?)]

  9. P.S. I've got to renew by Tuesday the latest.

    1. sent you email...I'm just 1 tix for baz and no scott fitz

  10. OK, just re-upped in the nick of time, which is a good thing, considering there are only 34,800 available seats for season tickets. We've got 19, with one seat added to Nick's row, where I plan to sit to monitor everyone's stadium conduct and/or Big Red Elvis Panda can use to yell out unintelligible rally cries for all to hear.

    Happy to not have to think about RU football now until Aug. 31, our home opener.

    Everyone be well!

  11. I'll follow-up via a later email w/what everyone owes.

  12. Split 19 ways, the cost is $362 a person.

    Idea and question...if we round that up to $400 a person, that would give us about $720 for tailgate-food purposes, about $100 a game. Might make it easier than having to constantly figure out who owes what in particular weeks. This sound like an idea worth trying? Or should we just keep the status quo?

    1. We could set it up so that we have a different person running the tailgate each week getting 100 bucks to kick-start or something like that?

  13. Baz will vote yes, for the $20 towards the tailgating

  14. Actually wouldn't it be $38 per ticket if we're rounding from $362 to $400? I'd be open to this if it's what the group decides, and for me it would be $38 X 4 tickets = $152 which is a lot less than I contribute in food and beer over the course of a season. But that begs the question that if $38 per ticket won't realistically cover all the food and drink we consume then we'd just have to contribute more each week anyway.

  15. I'm also not sure that giving $100 to one person/family to lead a tailgate is easier than each person/family bringing 1-2 items each week. But that's just my uninformed opinion and again I'm happy to do whatever the group decides. But we should decide quickly so we can send Bill our $$$.