Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Finale: Maryland vs. Rutgers @ Noon on Saturday

First, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you've got nowhere to go you're always welcome to roll by our house in Tinton Falls; just RSVP and be here by 3 p.m.

Otherwise, what better way to wrap up the season and send Kyle Federico (similar to several of his FG tries and kickoffs) exit stage left along with his fellow seniors...and probably Coach Flood...than with a tailgate for the finale this Saturday at noon vs. winless (in the B1G) Maryland!

If lobster can go with eggs...
so can Maryland crab!
The forecast is for a slight chance of occasional showers, but for all intents and purposes it's going to be relatively mild and conducive to a final gathering for our wonderful group.  

Really, there's nothing more to be thankful for this season than your great company, as evidenced by the successful rollout of our blog and the fun-filled photos and dialogue on this otherwise drab football season.

As traffic should be light getting into what I'm expecting will be a half-empty stadium, I'll propose meeting at 9 a.m. at our usual spot.

I'm also going to propose a breakfast tailgate and will offer to make 2 "Jersey Shore Tomato" casseroles (one with crab instead of Taylor Ham to comply with our Maryland food theme and the other with veggies).  If people aren't up for that, please offer suggestions for what to eat.

If we do the breakfast theme, we could use home fries, bagels, etc., so mention what you'll bring and how many people you're bringing.  

If anyone's bailing, please speak up, but figure at least Kaitlyn, Shane and I being there Saturday morning to cheer on the Scarlet Knights!


  1. We'll bring bagels and spreads. If there is an extra ticket please let me know because Adam is home from college so all 4 of us (me, Sharon, Adam and Julia) would like to attend.

  2. Myself and Evan will be there, could use an extra ticket for Evan if anyone has one. I will bring a breakfast variation of loaded tots (instead of home fries).

  3. Tinton Falls Scott and my two boys will be coming along with 2 friends (Lou - Louie) with everyone having tickets. We will bring 2 dozen donuts and OJ.

  4. May be just me. Dave and the boys will be in VA.

    So, I should have some extra tickets. Should be one for Pete and another for Chris.
    I also have Dave's parking pass.

    Unknown, what I am bringing, but perhaps some Hawaiian sugar bombs.

  5. Looks like there is a lot of food-all sounds great. We can bring some beer (in case anyone wants some with their breakfast).

  6. Hi-we may be looking for 3 extra tickets for our 2 nephews and Eric's brother. If there are any extra tickets, please let us know! Thx.

  7. Basil: the normal 4 of us are going. We we need to bring a grill?

  8. Yes, Basil, please bring your grill. We'll need between my egg dishes and Chris' tots. I will have only 1 extra ticket that you can all fight over. I'm figuring there'll be a lot of no-shows, so $5-$10 scalpers will be readily available I'm sure. See you tomorrow!

  9. Thanks-so it sounds like Chris and Pete will take 2 of Tom's tickets. That should still leave one of Tom's tickets and Bill's ticket. If I got that right, we'll take those 2 tickets and will just scalp for the third one. Our extras will bring bacon to contribute to the tailgate. I also hope it's safe to assume that since the extra folks going are using tickets within our group that we should be ok fitting them within the carpool. Our nephews are small and can sit on our laps in the car if needed!

  10. It looks like Jenny and I will arrive in Piscataway around game time. So we will catch up with you guys at the seats.

  11. BREP checking in. I will attend and bring Yeungling. Grape Propel and a bag pf peanuts. I have arrange safe passage to the game in Pete's vehicle.

  12. The third ticket is called for already, as my dad is going as well.