Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rutgers- Maryland Tailgate - Part 1: The Presentation

September 2014: The christening of BRES
For the first game of the 2014 Rutgers season, a presentation was made to Shane that was the embryo that eventually led to the creation of this website. This presentation, capture in the photo to the left taken by Chris, was a framed proclamation with the following words:
You have been promoted. As can be seen below, from your early years, you have shown great promise in your endeavors as a Scarlet Knights football fan. There can be no doubt that your blood runs Rutgers Red (as genetically given to you by your alumni father). You have also been recognized for your amazing touch football diagrams, play calling, and unquestioned Corn hole bean bag ability. You continue to impress the youth of Scarlet Nation on an ongoing basis by your commitment to pre-game tailgating excellence. Enclosed are the tools you will need for your new position. By the powers vested in me by Rutgers, THE State University of New Jersey, The B1G Ten Conference, D.G Yuengling & Sons, Inc. & Elvis Presley Enterprises, you are now formally known as: 
B1G Red Elvis Servant
November 2015: The moment captured in bobble heads!

Little did I know that over a year later this presentation would later be captured in a detailed bobbling plastic figurine given to me as a gift to commemorate this moment.  I cannot express enough to the Holobowski family how much this kind gesture means to me. This wonderful personal gift is one that I will always treasure.     
Thanks again,
The bobble head presentation


  1. An esteemed occasion indeed, and I was privileged to have witnessed it.

  2. Now that I see it, clearly Shane's bobblehead is exponentially larger than the scale compared with Larry's head; but we'd have had to pay extra for the jumbo urn had we done it 100% correctly.