Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tailgate Recap: Rutgers-Nebraska

The group gets together for a picture towards the end of the tailgate 
Although down our leader, and missing the emotional lifeblood and concierge
Tom, Andy, Nebraska Sue and her husband
of our tailgate (BRES) as well as a few other key members (JC, Donna, Chris, etc.), BREP Nation once again took to the Black lot to put together a solid (if abbreviated) tailgate experience. Joining us in the lot was Andy, an RU alum and former WRSU Knightline co host with Tom & Bill. Andy also brought along Nebraska Sue and her husband, who while rooting for the wrong red clad team, contributed some excellent wings and awesome red velvet gourmet cupcakes.

Good Guys vs. Bad Girls 

The corn hole matches were spirited and very competitive, with the Good Guys and the Bad Girls squaring off in a tough grudge match, the Good Guys narrowly escaping with a slim margin of victory (Clearly someone had been practicing!). The walk into the stadium also featured several armored military vehicles on display in honor of our veterans, with the scalpers out in full force with NO ticket takers to be found. Unfortunately, Rutgers fell behind early, and despite a nice rally early in the third quarter, were no match for the Cornhuskers on this day.

BREP Nation poses with an armored vehicle in front of the stadium 
A scalper trying to unload all his tickets - GOOD LUCK!!! 
The group in our seats looking directly into the sun for the first quarter. Wasn't much that was good to see for RU anyway!


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