Wednesday, November 11, 2015

RU vs. Michigan trip Part 1: BREP Nation Rocks the R&R Hall of Fame

BRES pays homage to the King's gold suit 

BREP Nation welcomes you to the rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!!!!!!!

Our resident RU Bad Religion fan 

On our way to the Rutgers-Michigan game, B-Rep Nation took a detour to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Our crew enjoyed a fun day looking back into rock music history. After a walk around the outside of the building, to marvel at I.M. Pei's interesting architectural design and soak up the neat Cleveland waterfront, our group began our journey into rock's past.[I think we were all surprised by the amount of instruments, costumes, hand written lyrics and other cool things like the HoF inductee signature wall, the many video rooms, and "The Wall" we discovered during our roughly five hour stay in the museum that was way too short.

While everybody had their own highlights, my personal favorite was the collection of Beatles nostalgia, including John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper suit and hand written lyrics, Ringo's drum kit from the historic 1965 Shea Stadium Show, and the mellotron played by Paul on "Strawberry Fields Forever".

Check out below for just a fraction of the things we saw and learned:

Our fearless leader with a collection of Jimi Hendrix guitars 
BREP in awe of Ringo's 1960s Beatles drum kit 
The RU crew with Michael Jackson's glove and suit behind them
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!!!!

ZZ Top's instruments with a sharp dress man 

Bruce's hand written lyrics for "Born in the USA"  
BRES channels the King of Rock & Roll 

BREP Nation group shot at R&R HoF Historical Marker sign 

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