Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quick Notes on Nebraska Tailgate

Those of us that made the Michigan trip had an awesome time notwithstanding our team's 4th-straight beating, and I'm sure you'll see some posts here in the near future recounting the expedition.
'15 Huskers certainly not
Tom Osborne vintage

In the meantime, please note that Chris and I will NOT take part in the pregame tailgate as we normally would, since we're coaching our boys' first CYO basketball game, which starts at 1:30 p.m. in Marlboro.  We'll meet y'all inside the stadium, hopefully by kickoff.

Some of you know my friend and Rutgers alum Andrew Kagan (Tom certainly will from the WRSU days), who would like to join the group for the pregame tailgate along with a few friends, including a Nebraska gal
who evidently plans on bringing wings, a tray of food and cupcakes, so whomever is organizing this week's shindig please update the group here.

I've directed Andrew to stay tuned here for details.


  1. I am looking for one extra ticket for this weekend, if someone has an extra.

  2. What is the consensus on a tailgate for Saturday? Weather is supposed to be fairly cold and windy, plus we already know Bill and Chris won't be there. Does anyone want to bring a grill so we can at least cook burgers and dogs? Or perhaps everyone just brings subs or other cold items for themselves and then we do an abbreviated tailgate. Or another alternative would be to just meet somewhere for lunch before the game and ditch the tailgate altogether.

  3. Basil/Scott: A few of us talked we'll bring the grill and grill stuff and BURGERS and DOGS. We can also bring a table and some chairs. We need a count for the number of people going and then we'll get the grill food and buns and burger toppings.

    TIME NOTE: Do to the cooler weather lets meet up 12:45 and plan to be on the way in to the black lot. 2.5+ hours should be fine. 3:30 is kick off.

    Who has the old box with the plates, gas, forks, and what not? (the one I usually bring)
    Who has the new box with the plates, forks, and what not?

    Stuff we need:
    burger and dog fixings
    snacks: chips, desserts
    drinks: beer/soda/water
    and ??ideas??

  4. There will be 3 of us - me, Julie and her friend Julianna. I will bring Miller Lite, and also Elote (Mexican grilled corn) which will be pre-grilled so will just require some re-heating.

  5. I have the cardboard box with 1 gas can, some plates, forks and stuff.
    I'll have water & sodas. Chips & Popcorn. Looks like we've got some mustard in the box as well.
    I'll also have canopy, chairs, & bean bag toss.

  6. I'll bring beer, and pick up macaroni and potato salad.

  7. If I can get an extra ticket, I was planning on bring my dad. So, there may be two.
    I'll see if I can bring ketchup, onions, cookies, some beer and soda.

  8. I will bring a green salad and some cookies. There will be 3 of us.

  9. We can bring dessert and beer if needed

  10. Basil: Total 23 people .. meet up time 12:45p in normal meet up lot then
    drive over to RU black lot.

    2 TF-Scott
    small table and corn-hole board
    little water

    4 Scott/Basil
    table, grill and grill stuff
    paper towels
    burgers and rolls (30+ or whatever works out)
    cheese for burgers/dogs
    tomato slices for burgers
    lettuce head for burgers
    peppers for burgers (hotish from pickled from garden)

    3 Pete
    beer-Miller Lite
    elote (mexican corn dish) (will need warming)

    1 Larry
    macaroni salad tub
    potato salad tub

    3 Dave Labue
    old box with plates and 1 gas and forks and MUSTARD and what not
    hotdogs and hotdogs rolls (we have mustard in the box) (2 packages)
    chips & popcorn

    2 Tom Labue and dad

    3 JC
    green salad

    2 Andrea/Eric
    maybe some extra beer

    3 Bill's Andrew, Sue and Sue's husband
    Chicken Scarpariello Wings-One or two of these trays TBD: Mini Meatballs,
    Stuffed Mushrooms, Sausage & Peppers- Nebraska red velvet cupcakes :) Of
    course!- beer

  11. UPDATE:
    JC has informed me that something has come up and he and his crew will not make the tailgate.