Monday, October 19, 2015

Tailgate Pitch: Thurmanator Burgers prior to RU Upset Win over Ohio State

Let's keep the ball rolling this Saturday against No. 1 Ohio State after our improbable 55-52 win over Indiana on Saturday after being down by 25 points and playing matador defense for three quarters.

Our 3-3 Scarlet Knights host the top-ranked team in the nation -- a squad that crushed us last season in Columbus, OH, home to the Thurman Cafe and the "Thurmanator," probably the best burger joint I (and the kids) have ever visited.

The "Thurmanator"
I fully expect to devour a Thurmanator, as well as the Buckeyes' football team in an upset.

With that in mind, I'm proposing that a scaled down version of the "Thurmanator" serve as our core cuisine this Saturday.
Buckeye Candy:
Chocolate and peanut butter

Kickoff is 8 p.m. and the game will be televised nationally on ABC, so similar to the Michigan State start-time and tailgate, I'm proposing we again meet at our usual carpooling spot by 3:45 p.m.

Here's what's on the Thurmanator, BTW -- bun, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana peppers, 12-oz. burger, cheddar, bacon, sauteed mushrooms & onions, ham, mozzarella and American cheese.

Oh, and it comes w/fries or onion rings and a pickle spear, so if anyone wants to go crazy and experiment with beer battered onion rings or something, now's your chance!

I volunteer to pick up all burger ingredients, but we need volunteers for the rest -- side dishes, beer, soda and water, snacks, etc. -- and DEFINITELY we'll need a second grill and chef.  Chris will not be with us, so someone (or 2) please bring an extra folding table just in case.

For the vegan-minded part of our group, let me know if you have or I can pick up portabello mushroom burgers or something.

Please respond by THURSDAY night in the comment field below as to what you're contributing, AND IF YOU ARE BRINGING OTHER PEOPLE.  I, for instance, expect a co-worker and his friend to join us for the tailgate.   

Pete has already offered to make Buckeye candy and I'm figuring will have his usual Miller Lites.

Let the discussion begin!


  1. We have a soccer game at 2:45. We'll meet you in the parking lot around 5pm.

  2. Very bummed Evan & I won't be there on Saturday night for the Prime time tailgate followed by a Prime time (national televised) game!! History I hope...both with the tailgate and the game of course! Sounds like Bill has a sweet menu planned, picture of that burger is sick...but we can handle it. Have a great time Team BREP/BRES and go RU!

  3. I have additional beer and will also try and bring a dessert/sweet.

  4. There will be 3 in our party - me, Sharon, and Adam who will be making his first tailgate appearance this year. I will indeed be bringing homemade Buckeyes, plus Miller Lite (not home brewed).

  5. I will bring water, macaroni salad, and cole slaw.

  6. I think there will be 3 coulters. I will bring some type of. Veggie burgers, I can bring a table. I will bring some soda,some snacks. And some paper towel, plates & utensils

  7. A quick note...beware of our blog stalker, some guy named Greg Nardone -- an OSU fan who threatens to crash our tailgate tomorrow with his wife and another couple and is bringing a side dish of some sort. Seriously, though, Greg's a great dude and a friend from work, so I'm glad to have him and his small crew join us on Saturday. I may roll out the Tressel-style red sweater vest as a Halloween thing to bust his chops.

    Separately, I'm considering making a tray of mac-and-cheese to go w/the burgers.

    Others have stepped up to this point with beer, water, soda and snacks/desserts, so for those yet to respond work within that context.

    I'm off to Costco later this afternoon so speak now or forever hold your peace as I pick up my end of supplies today (and no time tomorrow to do so).

    See everyone who can make it in the Wal-Mart lot by 345! Scott Ungemah and his boys, plus Dave Labue and his crew, will be meeting us in the Black lot. Greg's got a silver pass, so if anyone sees 4 strays in the black lot wandering aimlessly and asking where to find us, tell them it's a 3-mile walk to the west.

  8. Basil reminder: Matt, Michelle, Lauren, and Nicole are coming with us to the game and our tailgate and need rides in.

  9. Basil and Co (8 tix total this week): We will bring a grill, grill stuff, potato salad, hotdogs (and hotdog rolls), card table, some chips, my normal old box of paper products, cooler (Guinness, hard cider, a few non-diet sodas).