Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RU/Washington State Tailgate - είναι Έλληνες για μένα

Sorry I am so late to the post game, but going back almost 2 weeks to the gut wrenching loss to Washington State. Truthfully, it may have been one of the better live football games I have had the honor to be present at...but a loss is a loss. We move on.

Our tailgate was anything but gut fact it could not have been any more pleasing to my palette.  The term "It's Greek to me" is intended to identify an item of complexity.  While I am sure our leader Chef Bill will attest that prep for this heroic display was possibly "complex", it was quite pleasing and not "gut wrenching" (like our later experience with the game) to all who enjoyed the Gyros (or "Gyear-ose" as Bill has programmed into me over the last few years) and other fine Greek delicacies. ΩΡΑΙΑ δουλεια RU Crew (Nice work).

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