Friday, September 18, 2015

RU-Penn State Hangout Thoughts & Channeling McCloud

Our mentor, B-REP, called me this week about viewing plans for Rutgers-Penn State.

Kathy and Kaitlyn are away, so Shane and I are game if anyone wants to watch together, whether it be at my house (anyone's welcome to stay over if needed) or out somewhere.  

If anyone's interested, use the "comment" field below on the "yes/no" and "when and where."  

In this area, the Brick House near the Tinton Falls outlet mall is a pretty good spot, as is (pardon the use of another chain) Applebee's, right off GSP Exit 105.  The latter, surprisingly, has a great outdoor bar with fire pit and plenty of TVs and I'm sure would accommodate us well.   

Either way, the matchup is building up to a battle of programs going in the wrong direction...legally, so figure on another tight matchup like the 2014 season and this game maybe deciding whether we'll be .500 or above, or 2-10/3-9, this season.
Not quite the way we rolled
into Toronto, but...
Separately, there was a great piece in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that's got me thinking I'll dust off the McCloud jacket that I wore to the defunct International Bowl in Toronto some years ago.

It provided good luck then and maybe a necessary reversal of fortune this season.

Those who travelled to Toronto recall the cold conditions of Toronto in early January quite well, and my McCloud jacket kept me toasty the whole time and drew the admiration of several.  

Figure on an appearance later this year and "you're welcome!", in advance, for early winter fashion advice. Clearly I was ahead of the trend about a decade ago in picking up my shearling coat from the bankrupt Wilson's Leather store for around 30 bucks. 

Misguided hipsters and Brooklyn hipster wannabes somewhere are going to be shelling out upwards of $8,000 for one of these beauties.  Trust me, mine's not going up on eBay anytime soon.

Something tells me Dennis Weaver's (d. 2006) smiling up there somewhere.

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  1. We won't be able to make a viewing party. Have play tickets for the evening.