Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rutgers vs. Norfolk St. Info

Good morning, B-Rep Nation!

Saturday's game vs. Norfolk State kicks off a noon, so plan on our usual meeting spot at Wal-Mart, say 9 a.m.  

Prediction: Rutgers 30, NSU -7
The forecast, surprisingly, looks outstanding (sunny, high 70s, 0% chance of rain).  I'm also going to distribute everyone's season tickets as I cannot (nor want to) maintain this big a group; the ordering stuff's easy, but I don't have time to be the broker as well in-season.

I'm not looking to do a huge amount of cooking on site, and so I'll offer to make my Jersey tomato casserole (1 egg, tomato and taylor ham, 1 veggie as well) and home fries for breakfast; I'll make enough for the group.  I'll also have the grill (new one)/propane/tools, folding table, cornhole and canopy and chairs. 

Everyone else should plan contributing either a food and/or drink item(s), so please respond w/what you're bringing for the group -- ideas: water, beer, soda, bagels and spreads, desserts, chips and dips.

Stay tuned to, as I'll post ideas for a more-extensive tailgate menu of foods based on the geography/local foods of this year's opponents. 

Reminder, too, that we now have 6 parking passes in the black lot this year, which gives us flexibility if, say, people cannot arrive early to a particular game. I don't mind holding on to most of the passes; just don't want to deal w/tickets.

So, what'cha bringing on Saturday...?

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