Thursday, September 24, 2015

RU- Kansas early tailgate set

Looks like we have our tailgate set for this week's RU-Kansas match up with the weather outlook excellent. The menu assignments are set with four dozen eggs, 3 dozen rolls, 2 packages of bacon, pork roll, home fries, donuts, corn muffins, etc. that should have it covered. I think everyone now has their primary ticket needs met, and we should have a group around 20 people. There may still be a ticket or two floating around, so if anyone needs another let me know ASAP.  

As my sidekick and lifeblood of our tailgate crew BRES will not be present, there will be an intern opening available this week for anyone looking for a possible future career as a tailgate concierge. Please contact the human resources department at to obtain an application and be fitted for your RU tie.    

See you all at 8:45 AM at the usual spot. 


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