Monday, August 28, 2023

2023 Season Opener on Sunday!

It'll be great to see everyone as a group again as Rutgers kicks off the 2023 football season by hosting Northwestern on Sunday at noon, a new spin on interfering with everyone's Labor Day weekend!

Burks, Hobos at the track
Summer moved quickly and has been a blast but there's plenty of time and presumably great weather as the Scarlet Knights begin the campaign with 3 straight home games (Temple on Sept. 9, Va. Tech on Sept. 16) and a front-loaded home schedule of 7 at SHI* Stadium.

A text chain was started already with early plans on tailgating vs. the Wildcats. 

I've asked Festmeister Skurat to meet at my house at 8a, so I expect to be in Black Lot around 8:45 a.m. 

Andrea spent her summer
reviewing Sam Elliott classic
Beyond the heated debate over the best of Barker's Beauties and people catching up on Dana's daily AAU rumor mill, it seemed folks want to keep it simple on Sunday with a recommendation of burger and ribs, if memory serves. 

If that's the case, let's get a list started in the chat on headcount and who's bringing what. 

Whichever direction we take on menu, I'll whip up a tray of homefries. 

If breakfast is a preference, the Jersey tomato-pork roll casserole is an easy make and reheat but everyone please weigh in if grilling is the preference and easiest. 

Else let's keep to BYOB and some sharing.

Let the good times (at least tailgate-wise, not sure about on the gridiron) commence with roll call!


  1. Bill + Logan (nee Kaitlyn) for tailgate, Kathy out (NYC plans) but Skurat is joining me; also have 2 free tickets from RU in section 121 if anyone needs. I'll bring homefries, table, boards, grill, canopy, utensils (think we have a ton), etc.

    1. BREP on board for anything. I have a wedding the day before but can pick up supplies that morning. Just let me know which way tailgate is going (burgers vs breakfast) and I can comply. O have two free seats in upper level. Pretty sure they could move down to us. Currently checking on a few interested parties.

  2. It will just be me and Sharon so I have 2 available tickets in our group, plus the "free" two tickets I reserved in section 118 Row 17. Let me know who would like my primary two tickets. And then unless someone needs the "free" ones, I will post them cheap on SeatGeek to make sure they sell -- we need to maximize attendance for this conference game.

    I also have a family event on Saturday so can't commit to making anything, but can pick-up something to complement either breakfast or burgers. I'd lean toward breakfast because Sharon and I might go somewhere for early dinner after the game. If we do go with breakfast, I'll bring OJ and sparkling wine for mimosas. If burgers, I'll bring macaroni salad.

    Regardless, I'll bring all the usual supplies - plates, utensils, serving spoons, paper towels, garbage bags, plus Miller Lite and Yuengling.

  3. Burgers sounds good. 4 of us are in for Tailgate (3 for burgers/breakfast). Let me know what to bring up. Dave

  4. Also have 2 extras in Section 120 if needed by anyone.

  5. I'll be driving up on Saturday, so I'll be there. Either breakfast or burgers will be fine. I can bring something once we decide the culinary direction.

  6. Dave, maybe you guys can bring ground beef/cheese and rolls for smash burgers or some such (patties fine too) and I'll make the casserole and people can then have a choice for eats (and maybe even post-game if people want)?

    1. How big a group are we? Need to figure how much to buy. TY

    2. Looks like 17 total -- Bill (3), Dave (4), Tom (1), Pete (2), Larry (3), Eric/Andrea (2), JC (1), Dana (1)

  7. Regardless of the breakfast/burger combination, I'll bring mimosa ingredients & cups, and some macaroni salad.

    My primary two extra tickets are reserved for Larry's guests who bought elsewhere but will sit with us. FYI - the season ticketholder free tickets can't be sold on SeatGeek but can be transferred.

  8. Hi--Eric and I will be there, looking forward to seeing everyone! Great job Bill with the season opening post. And thanks again for introducing me to a Sam Elliott classic!!! We'll bring coffee and crumb cake from Colonial Bakery in Lavalette. We'll also get a second type of breakfast/lunch dessert.

  9. Dave, I can get the cheese, lettuce and onions so you don't need to get so much.

  10. Anyone bringing ketchup and mustard? Three coming including me plus 2 using Pete's tickets. I count 17:
    Andrea and Eric 2
    Dave plus Tom 5
    Larry 3
    Bill 3
    Pete and Sharon 2
    Dana and I assume JC 2

  11. We'll be there at 8:45am. We don't mind holding 1-2 parking spaces in-between the first couple cars to arrive, but it's not our job to hold spots indefinitely for folks showing-up late when people start getting aggressive.

  12. I can get the Ketchup and Mustard as well. Any have a specific mustard they want?

  13. Dana an I will be in black lot @ 8:45 with garlic pickles, sparkling and regular water and fresh fruit.