Sunday, September 25, 2022

Amazing Tailgate, Inept and Vanilla Rutgers Football Offense Again

Yesterday presented another shining example of maybe why we should just buy parking passes and a few TVs to watch the game until it gets non-competitive instead spending 3+ hours in O'Shi*! Stadium watching a team that still lacks a quarterback, downfield threat(s) and creativity.

The setting early
autumn sun shines
over BREP Nation
BREP-Nation rocked the tailgate, with a great turnout on a beautiful early autumn afternoon in Piscataway. The crew turned out in full force with two-dozen plus people and had such a bountiful feast that we took in a few new acquaintances to help clear our table. Really what our tailgating efforts are about!

It's just a wonderful group of people with great stories to tell, lots of laughs and the kind of folks you want to spend time with on a glorious day. 

The tailgate buffet was tremendous, featuring Maid Rites, steak de burgo, corn on the cob with an incredibly boujee garnish of butter, spices and fresh parmesan, potato and orzo salads, Berger cookies and Iowa puppy chow. Props, too, on the libations of Heady Topper, Miller Lite and an assortment of season IPAs and porters. I forgot to grab a Topper, so Pete keep one aside if any left toward IU.

BREP & Co. + back of
Eric's head

The atmosphere inside O'Shi*! was crazy to start, largely due to the presence of stadium director B-REP, with Rutgers driving to the Iowa 6 before settling for a field goal and 3-point lead. From there you could tell it'd be a defensive struggle; more like two teams with offenses that really struggle and where field position and ball possession would be key.

Of course Rutgers O'Shi*'!'d the bed and gave away two touchdowns -- one on a pick 6 and another on a fumble return. I think that's what Coach Schiano was referring to in his usually vague postgame talk. 

Once Iowa got up by 2 scores it was clear we'd lose. Rutgers could have played another 60 minutes and not gotten enough points to go ahead in what was a 27-10 loss.

We'll have to wait until Nebraska on Friday, Oct. 7 for that potential first home B1G win since 2017; a really sad thought when you think about the dedicated fan base that came out in support of a 3-0 team that's unfortunately still got a LONG way to go to credibility.

Speaking of Nebraska, the Hobos (UMD Parents Weekend) and Tom will miss the game. As I'll be taking the tailgate tools to College Park, please make alternative arrangements for those items. 

Everyone have a good week and cover your eyes for the upcoming game in Columbus. We'll see you on the other side of 3-2 heading into the Nebraska tilt.

Full plates of Iowa's finest dishes

Steak de Burgo (beef + 3 sticks
of butter and a head of garlic)

Pete digging in, loading up on
beef, butter and excessive garlic
pre-Puppy Chow dessert

R-L: NY Strip w/Burgo sauce,
salads, corn on cob w/boujee sauce,
Maid-Rites/Loose Meat

It was time to scrub in for cooking purposes

Andrea, seen here with a KOSH template
for her Queen of Roselle Park biz cards:
- Historical Preservationst, Halloween
Party Champion, Undamaged Goods

Guys who miss "Stan"

John and Low-Res BRES

Bill with rare tailgate sightings
Kathy and Carol (the 3rd
was a Rutgers win)

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