Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Iowa Is Maid-Rite For A Rutgers Victory

Someone was certainly eager for Iowa, at least a few days before Rutgers squeaked by Temple in a game that produced 763 texts about how bad a 3-0 football team we've got.

After a long day as pretentious d-bag (as he coined it at the Wagner tailgate, for not wanting to be refered as "Doc" 24/7) last Wednesday, our beloved warmer and fuzzier Dr. J struck gold with an idea he texted my way to do Maid-Rite sandwiches for the upcoming Iowa tailgate. If you have 65 seconds, this in-depth Quad-City Times expose details the rich history of Iowa's staple cuisine.

Dana seen here pretending
to know about medicine or
researching Iowa food
I was taken aback at first when a very fit physician's suggestion was to eat "loose meat," but it's basically a sloppy joe variant, and Eric offered to bring a batch this Saturday if folks are up for it. We know from past experience Big E's recipe (maybe stolen from Andrea) is top-notch.

On the opposite end of the spectrum (not to be confused with RU superfan "Spectrum"), Dana also suggested Steak de Burgo. Basically filet mignon or roast beef tenderloin slathered in minced garlic, butter and herbs. Very easy for grilling.

Let's get the chatter going about Saturday's menu. If people prefer to go in a different direction, offer a suggestion. Otherwise, the beef-oriented menu suggested by Dana sounds like a winner. I'm happy to procure and prep/grill the steaks but if someone else wants to that's cool too. 

Figure some kind of potato dish, corn on the cob and salad would be good on the side but, again, not entirely my show so speak up and state in the chat what you'd like to contribute as Rutgers apparently seeks its first B1G home win since 2017. Dana found this site with 11 iconic Iowa foods. Go figure.

And oh, by the way, with 7 p.m. kickoff let's decide on a time; maybe 3:30 p.m.?

Long-range outlook is favorable; 71 high during the afternoon, cooling as low as 51 degrees at night. Great football weather! 


  1. Beef sounds awesome and my vote would be Steak de Burgo but I'll swing to loose meat too.

    Unless there are objections, my party will bring homemade potato salad as a side dish, and puppy chow as a dessert. And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that I'll be bringing beer plus all the plates/utensils, etc.

    It will be me, Sharon, my sister Carol who most of you met last year, and her youngest son (my nephew) Conner who is a HS senior. We're meeting at Walmart at 3 so Carol can follow us to the black lot with my extra parking pass so we should get there at ~3:15 and will stake out the same/similar spots as last time.

  2. Also if anyone has an extra ticket please let me know. I asked for two via text but really only looking for one now which I would give to Adam.

  3. I will not be attending the tailgate. Hoping to get to the game around kickoff

  4. I'll be up this week and try to get to the lot between 3 and 3:30pm. Beer and Berger cookies this week. I know that I will not be able to go to the Nebraska game, so my ticket for that game is available

  5. 4 of us for festivities. Steaks sound great. Chips. Waters, a dessert , and maybe a side too.

  6. I'll handle getting and grilling the steak

  7. FYI -- I was out today and saw some orzo salad which looked good so I'll bring some as an additional side

  8. I'm picking up steak momentarily. Eric may bring a scaled back batch of sloppy joe if up to it (looking to avoid making too much with interest seemingly muted). The grill will be available for use if people are bringing other items. If in need of a sterno please advise by noon tomorrow and I can bring like last time. Me, Kathy and Kaitlyn will see you in the lot tomorrow!

  9. Looks like we are bringing a pie and corn on the cob if I can find some.

  10. Picked up ~7.5 lbs. of NY Strip that I'll divvy into smaller portions; great sale at Shop Rite and opted for that over the tenderloin that was ~4x the price. Will do butter and cream sauces on the side. See everyone later!