Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Homecoming Tailgate

Scarlet Knights either ready for
some football, or a big team dump
Well, after a much-needed week away from great tailgating yet grim gridiron activity, B-REP Nation will re-rally on Saturday as Rutgers hosts Northwestern for homecoming.

Nothing like a soft opponent to start the easy part of our B1G schedule.

Alright, so the Wildcats are leaders of the West division with a 3-1 league record and we're unlikely to win another game until September 2019, but let's not facts stand in the way of a good yarn.

If nothing else, the weather looks half decent for Saturday (low 60s, cloudy) and we'll likely reunite with Festmeister Skurat, returning from a two-game hiatus, several cross country meets, Oktoberfest celebrations, road-tripping with Judas Priest and excessive work travel.

Festmeister Skurat gearing up for a return to the
Black Lot, though a week late with the RU blackout
On the latter point, Chris has been away a ton and will be so again until Friday, so let's get everyone in the group to pitch in on a proposed Oktoberfest-style tailgate.

Los Hobos (Bill, Kaitlyn and Erin) have a Costco-size bag of potatoes at the ready for potato pancakes, and if memory serves the Burks have some unopened packages of brats from our prior tailgate. So if everyone can pitch in with something, we can get this going if all are on board.

Potential things we could use to make it happen:
  • bratwurst and rolls
  • garnishes for the brats (mustard, sauteed onions)
  • red cabbage or cucumber salad
  • sauerbraten (if someone wants to get aggressive)
  • sour cream and apple sauce (for potato pancakes)
  • Jagerbombs
RSVP in the comments field with headcount and contributions.


  1. NJ Horseplayer will be there with Kaitlyn, Erin and a boatload of homemade potato pancakes

  2. Witkowski party (4): Pete, Sharon, Adam, and Jess (Adam's GF) using the extra BREP/Basil ticket.

    I'll bring brats, rolls, condiments & sautéed onions. I'll also bring Miller Lite & Sam Adam's Oktoberfest.

    See everyone at 8:45am on Saturday.

  3. I will bring a case of Yeungling Premium

  4. I will bring sour cream applesauce and some bouji (what’s the German bouji ) beer

  5. Eric and I will bring a half tray of smoked kielbasa in sauerkraut-it’s authentic German fare from the Alpine meat store in PA. I’ll cook it all ahead so it will just need a quick reheat.

  6. I will coming up this week, bringing beer and some sweets.

  7. Holy crap Bill, that picture is awesome! Laughed real hard! I am just back today from business and no time to get to store. I will come empty handed but will of course contribute to the next game and pay my dues for this one! I look forward to seeing everyone as I have missed hanging the last few games.

  8. Baz is going .. I guess we meeting 8:45. "IT'S TIME TO MAKE THE DOUGHNUTS!!!!" The wise words of a great man that I used to see on that magical TV box thingy way back in the 1980's ( I will honor his words ... and also bring some chips and the misc box-o-stuff.

  9. If anyone is interested- the boys are I are going to throw ourselves into the ocean for a good cause- Special Olympics NJ during the Thanks4Giving Plunge in Asbury Park on Saturday 11/3. If you'd like to donate, please follow the link below.