Saturday, October 6, 2018

Well, At Least We Have Each Other -- Illinois Recap

The winners from noon until about 3:30 p.m. at Low Point dot com Stadium were, in no specific order...JC, Basil, Tinton Falls and not-West Paterson Scott and Festmeister Skurat, who had better things to do on Saturday as Rutgers hosted the Illinois squad and its 63 fans on hand.

While Chris was watching Evan run over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house, and rumor has it that Basil and the Angels were tied up with another case involving the Italian radical group "Patriots for a Free Society," the rest of B-REP Nation suffered through Rutgers Football's latest step to a 1-11 season.

Again, there's more than three letters (A-S-H) that make Coach Chris look more like former debacle-of-a-head coach Terry S-H-E-A each day in how this team is performing, all the way down to kicking a field goal to cut the deficit to Illinois to 14 points with five minutes to go...because why in a completely lost season would we want to try and show some trust in a young offense that got to the opponent's two yard line. One of the few times we recall audible boos from a Rutgers football crowd that is completely deflated. But, hey, Chris won the post-game presser, responding to the journalist's question on the topic as if the person had four heads. His response was along the lines of like...we needed three scores to win.


The question through season's end is whether we can be competitive with the upper-echelon teams of the B1G; but, hey, a LOT of us were winners again before noon. The missing clearly missed out.
Sharon-Head wins as B-REP
Nation favorite by slimmest of margin
(also pictured: No-Show D-Labs II)
LOW-Res warms
up vs. minor league
The Nation arrived in the parking lot by 9 a.m., procuring a spot close to the Knightengale service, more so for Eric than his injured wife, though she did succumb to his pressure to get the golf-cart lift to Low Point Stadium. One guy on the cart before theirs was so hurt that he had a bottle of beer in each hand. Fortunately, Expat Johnnie turned down a ride this week and walked, saving face.

B-REP shows the
proper ratios of
The reason we do what we do
B-REP was large and in charge on the grill, doing a bang-up job of catering burgers and dogs to not only the core members of the group, but Tom's friends and their bright orange clothing. It was nice to meet their son, a junior transfer to the Environmental Sciences school over on Cook, though unfortunately he's not big enough to help the team's woeful offensive line.

Pete, Sharon and the ever-demanding Sharon-Head -- winner of Saturday's three-head challenge -- brought some cool friends, including one who brought Basil Hayden bourbon yet forgot to mention that to a certain member of the Nation. That's why from now on out she'll be referred to as Maria.

We've yet to get the final tally, but figure LOW-Res earned a solid $15 as the Nation's black lot beer-delivery technician. He later contributed to back-to-back cornhole victories, first drubbing Tom and Eric, then scoring five late to eek out a 21-20 win over Expat Johnnie and Frankie Ribs.
Pete relegated to
the naughty chair
for improper use of
burger pickles

It was another great morning of tailgating and laughter with the crew, but after three straight weeks we get a home BYE next week, which should give the Burks extra time to put 43,000 tiny spiders on their roof and heading west to Pennsyltucky to buy super-firepower pyrotechnics and an actual body for the big Halloween shindig. 
We learned that "Illini" is Algonquin
for "Tom's neighbors who also like
Dad Bod Lager

Everyone have a good weekend away from the lot next weekend!

We'll be back at it vs. Northwestern on Oct. 20 for, you got it, ANOTHER noon start. Oktoberfest is likely to be a prominent theme, whether Festmeister is in charge or we ship someone in from Berlin to handle matters.
Rare opportunity to be photo'd with
Mayor McHillsborough and the
lovely Renee Delcore
Dr. Dana's precision operating on...
a hamburger roll

Sharon-Head and Sharon enjoying a drink 
B-Repnation before we left early......


  1. Thanks for the add. What could make a man prouder than being added to such a fine collection of individuals?? Btw is that Frank? Delcore??

    1. Yeah Dana, you know Frank? Apparently...

    2. Frank was a senior living in my dorm
      When I was a frosh. Haven’t seen him in years. Good guy. How funny is that

  2. It’s baz. I could use 3 more tix. Shifty matt and family actually want to go to a RU game (suckers). I already have him Scott Fitzgerald tix so we need to get 3 more.

  3. I need 1 ticket as well, since the Witkowski party will be me, Sharon, Adam, and Adam's girlfriend Jess making her first tailgate appearance. If there isn't a ticket available within our group, I'll just stubhub a cheap ticket as I'm sure there will be plenty of room in our area and Jess is tiny.

  4. Looking to see if I can get another ticket for Jason as well.

  5. Baz here. I do not need 3 more tix anymore. Shifty and his clan can’t make it. He has to go fleece some people ... gotta bump up that monthly commission check :).

  6. Jason now has a baseball doubleheader and is out for Saturday.

  7. Pete has been granted the extra Basil/Brep ticket.