Sunday, September 23, 2018

Thanks To Buffalo For Not Running Up The Score

Beef on Weck with
au jus, horseradish
and caraway seed
B-REP Nation's homage to food
loved by the people of a town where
it's already winter
If there's a constant in B-REP Nation it's that we're going to have a nice time and enjoy each other's friendship and company because, candidly, there's nothing on the football field worth watching at this point as we clearly roll to a 1-11 record.

It has gotten to the point where all of the best things for us happen before kick-off.

Sleeping on it for a night, it's clear that we're back to Shea-era ineptitude, with inconsistency at the quarterback spot, lines that can't seem to block or rush the passer, passivity on offense and defense, and as John alluded to, zero tolerance for risk; Flood at least gambled from time to time.

Ash is entirely vanilla, unless you like 1-yard out routes and never sending the kitchen sink at the opposing quarterback.

But, hey, on the bright side of things...

Saturday came with tasty buffalo wings as an appetizer, followed by the beef with weck that seemed to go off pretty well and was an easy prep.
Who's who?!
Not nearly as
pretty as the officially
licensed "Sharon"
version, though

Pete and Larry did an outstanding job flattering our youth with the ceremonial presentation of the Shane and David heads. B-REP did his best to get on the jumbo-tron and ESPN 8 coverage with slick dance moves, though we learned from yesterday that we'll have to get more people involved to get attention in the elbow-to-elbow crowd of 2,252 loyal fans who stayed until the fourth quarter.

As I sure Jennifer and Dave can attest, as parents it's awesome when your kids are embraced so much by our friends that they're eager to suck it up and give up sleeping in on a Saturday just to sit through awful football, yet still come away with a great experience and added confidence.

Touching the statue
on our way in was
no help
With that in mind, we face another beat-down this coming Saturday vs. Indiana on another noon kickoff.

The Indiana fare is sorta "meh" -- corned beef and cinnamon pancakes being the sorta "pig-out" foods that are big on the IU campus. If y'all wanna do one or the other that's fine, but I'm not wed to those ideas and wonder what folks are thinking.

Pat's subs -- an easy order and pickup? Burgers?

Let's get the banter going and see what folks have in mind.

And by all means drop in your best photos here from Saturday.


  1. I am okay with a simple burger and dog tailgate. It's easy to hand out what people can bring. There have also been rumblings from some about a breakfast tailgate of eggs, bacon, porkroll, etc.

  2. I will be there this week. Either hamburgers/dogs or breakfast tailgate works for me.

    Also, if there is an extra ticket available, my dad would like to come to the game. Please let me know if there is another available.

  3. If you guys wanna do a breakfast tailgate, my friend Peter gave me an idea off of his last week where they did breakfast tacos of chorizo and eggs. I'm happy to pick those up and cook, but would like volunteers for the following -- diced onion and pepper (either red, green and/or hot), shredded cheese, salsa, hot sauces and/or other sides you think would go well with it.

    Any takers/interest?

    1. Oh, and of course soft tortillas; all enough for 15-20 people

  4. Tom- Basil and I have our extra ticket available for this week and next week.


  5. Hey-Andrea, Eric and John Lyon will be there. The breakfast idea sounds great. We can bring the chopped peppers and onions and also hash browns as a side.

  6. BREP/Baz, Yes I'll take the extra ticket this week for my dad and for next week as well for my friends. I'll bring money up this weekend.

  7. BTW, I'll bring some soft tortillas (the small ones) as well as some beer.

    1. Sounds good. BTW, it'll be me, Kaitlyn and her friend Erin this Saturday as Shane's got plans for a buddy's b'day for the whole afternoon.

  8. Just to reiterate that Eric and Andrea have my 3 tickets and parking pass. One of the tickets goes to John Lyon and the other two are available at no charge to whoever requests them first.

  9. I will pick up some cheese, salsa and hot sauce. I will be there, Dana on the fence, he has his kids this weekend.

  10. Basil is going. Up for whatever food so the taco thing sounds interesting. Scotts tix is Dad Labue this week. I might have 2 guests coming to tailgate ... Aarons Au Pair n friend. They already have tixs n purple parking. I should know what they r doing tomorrow.

    1. I have more au pairs coming so I use Pete’s last 2 tix via Eric. I’ll put more $$ in for food for them. Also we might need to bring some into the game but they r working that out still.

    2. Basil head count 5 total. Basil + 4au pairs ... 1 their purple pass + 3 our tix + 2 tix their own