Friday, September 28, 2018

RU-IU Weather Good, at Least

Dana and John's
reaction to question:
"Does RU have a shot to
upset Indiana?"
Alright, so the breakfast burrito idea really seems to have taken off, since Indiana isn't known for pig-out joints and such and, hence, no great original Hoosier themes.

For people bringing supplies or those who've yet to say what they're contributing (besides money), here's the roster:
  • Bill, Kaitlyn and Erin (3): Four-dozen eggs, chorizo, Schaefer
  • Tom and Dad (2): Soft tortillas for tacos, beer
  • Andrea, Eric and John the Swede (3): chopped peppers, onions, hash browns
  • John (Dana iffy): shredded cheese, salsa, hot sauce
  • Basil (5): see if your friends might bring donuts or something else to contribute toward breakfast
  • Larry (1): Yuengling, presumably
  • Dave (2): based on Jennifer last week saying it's be him and Jason
  • Kyle, Ryan (2-3): 50-50; will probably show up, though
  • EVERYONE bring your usual condiments, tables, grill, tools, etc.
Sunny and low-70s is the forecast, so at least we'll have that and good food on our side!

See ya Saturday in the Wal-Mart lot!

Rutgers a 16.5-point home underdog, BTW.


  1. Just realized I'm out of the camping propane, so if someone can pick up and bring a few that'd be great, thanks

  2. Basil has the needed gas. The Extra box n muffins n doughnuts n OJ

  3. It'll be David & I. Jason has a baseball Saturday. I'll have water, sodas, condiments, & canopy. Let me know if you need anything else.

  4. We will not have the Tailgater this week so no music.