Sunday, September 16, 2018

Great Friends and Food, REALLY Awful Football

Not much to say after getting our doors blown off by Kansas, other than it's gonna be a LONG season for us and I'm glad I spent Saturday on the beach instead, though on the bright side Nick's vulgarity meter is likely to explode next game, which should create some fun.
Courtesy: Tom Labue, who we're
figuring is likeliest among us to have
driven thru a Kansas-like tornado to watch
an RU sports team get pulverized

Yesterday is a good reason why, personally, I'm looking forward more to a return to the tailgating environment than the actual football game, which this week pits our Scarlet Knights against the Buffalo Bulls.

They're 3-0 and probably better than the NFL's Bills at this point, having beaten Delaware State, Eastern Michigan and Temple, which by the way dismantled B1G colleague Maryland, showing just how poor the lower-echelon teams in our league are to start the 2018 season and how nothing is going to be a gimme for RU the rest of the way.

Probably a good thing we got our one win out of the way this season.

Anyway, maybe this week the coaching staff's going to discover that the Big Kielbasa is color-blind and hook him up with special eye wear, preventing him from being so generous to the other team; or increasingly clueless-looking Chris "Can't Spell SHeA Without" A-S-H will scour the parking lot tailgate pregame to find a guy that can get open and catch a football, or tackle.

In the preseason email I had proposed a few buffalo-themed ideas for a tailgate. These work?
  • Beef on Weck, basically roast beef with au jus and horse radish on a special German bread. I can serve up the roast beef, maybe Basil can whip up some homemade horse radish from his garden, and Chris can locate us some German bread? ( If not, we can always do onion roll or the like.
  • Buffalo Wings -- with a group of 20+, chime in on the message board below with what kind you can bring; maybe mix it up with different varieties; or if someone wants to make 'em please speak up.
  • Sponge Cake -- can take or leave this one, but do we have a baker of pound cake/breakfast cakes and the like?
We're looking at a noon kick-off again, so how's about we meet at 8:45 a.m. in the Costco lot.

Three Hobos (and Kaitlyn's friend Erin, if we've got an extra ticket) are looking forward to seeing the crew again on Saturday!


  1. Hey Bill... Beef on Weck sounds great, and I'll bring some freshly-made (by Costco) Mesquite Chicken Wings. Not sure which of my family members, if any, will overcome their embarrassment of Rutgers Football to accompany me so it's possible I may have an extra ticket and will provide an update later this week.

    8:45am at Wal-Mart sounds good too.

  2. Food choice sounds good. I'll bring Yeungling and some Dunkin' Donuts. 8:45 AM at Walmart (not Costco as noted). My cousin john will be using the extra ticket I have. I would like to reserved passage in Car No. 3 WITKOWSKI.

  3. I am questionable for this week as Evan has an XC meet. Luckily close by so may be able to watch then head to game. Will know more as week progresses.

  4. Witkowski party will consist of 2 - me and Adam. Bill you are welcome to my third ticket for Erin.

    Also early heads-up for 9/29 Indiana game - we will not be attending due to Homecoming/Family weekend at Juniata (Julie's school) so our 3 tickets will be available.

  5. All: looking likely I will not be attending next 3 games in a row (9/22 Buffalo; 9/29 Indiana; 10/6 Illinois). Bummed but as expected Evan's XC schedule is taking priority right now and likely next few years.

  6. Coulter party will be 2 this week. 8:45 at Walmart is good. I will bring some beer and a green salad.

  7. Right, meant the Wal-Mart.

    So as of now it's:
    Bill +3 kids (will bring the beef and Schaefer, and whatever stuff Chris gave me from last game, e.g. utensils)
    Pete +TBD (chicken wings)
    BREP (donuts, Yuengling)
    John +1 (salad, beer)
    OUT: Skurat party

  8. It's awesome to see, BTW, ex-RU QBs tearing it up elsewhere: Flacco lacked the pedigree and skill-set to match up w/McNulty's "pass it to the other team" philosophy

  9. I'll be there this week. I'll bring some beer and maybe some sweets.

    I talked to Dave earlier this week, he said that Jen and David will be there. Jason is playing this weekend.

  10. Basil here, I'll use my tix and my ScottFitz tix will be used by Larry. I'll bring and/or make the nose burning horseradish. I have some backup general suppiles if needed.

  11. Hi-Andrea and Eric will attend. We’ll give Bill $$ towards food as the roast beet will be pricey

  12. UPDATED Thurs. 1 p.m.

    Bill plus my kids and maybe another (will bring the beef and Schaefer, and whatever stuff Chris gave me from last game, e.g. utensils)
    Pete +TBD (chicken wings)
    BREP +1 (donuts, Yuengling)
    John +1 (salad, beer)
    Tom (sweets, beer)
    Jen and David
    Basil (horseradish, stuff)
    Andrea and Eric

    I'll probably get about 5 lbs. of sliced roast beef. I don't have time to do fancy steaks and such, much as I'd love to. I'll also have au jus and the bread to go with the Weck. I'll only do a few rolls with carraway seed, figuring not everyone loves.

    TBD's are TF Scott, and probably at least one of my cousins. I'll buy for 18 people.

  13. Jen & David will be there this week. They'll bring the condiments back (mayo, mustard, ketch), some water & soda, and some additional sweets. Jason & I have a makeup soccer game then Jason has a doubleheader for Fall Baseball.

  14. Just noticed that I'm still listed as TBD but to confirm it will be me and Adam, and my 3rd ticket will go to Bill. Andrea & Eric have expressed interest in my 3 Indiana tickets so will bring them along with the parking pass for that week. See everyone tomorrow!

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