Sunday, September 30, 2018

Even Basil's Angels Couldn't Help RU Win

Once upon a time there were three little girls who went on to become au pairs, and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that this Saturday.  My name is Basil.

Sun shines brightly on a
cloudless September day
Cooking up the breakfast
As is usual for this time of September, the B-Rep Nation crew descended on the student center black lot for a fun morning of tailgating.  Although missing our faithful servant and second in command, ShaneHead (a.k.a. low res BRES) stepped in to full the gap nicely.
Trying to get in a pregame bet on
Rutgers at plus 16.5 

Lowres BRES sticking it
in corn hole

ShaneHead fulfilling
his obligation 

ShaneHead cooks!

Thanks to Bill for his usual diligent effort of preparing the breakfast tacos of chorizo and eggs, and to BRES head for doing the cooking and dishing out the drinks. Kudos to Andrea for braving a severe foot injury that had her listed as doubtful for the game, but probable for the tailgate, and gutting out the pre-game festivities. 
Eric in deep thought - Will I ever
master tailgate parking?

Basil teaching corn hole

          Basil took time out of his busy schedule to host his au pair friends and teach them all about corn hole and American football as "Basil's Angels" enjoyed the day. Please don't follow his advice on football betting.
Au pairs make their way to
end zone more easily than
RU football team  

Andrea guts out the tailgate with Basil's Angels
special guest star Swede John Lyon  
David and DavidHead chillin'
Eric made his way to the Audi club again this week to treat us to ice cream and cupcakes. Next week Bill wants toasted coconut on his vanilla cup.

Eric looks down on us with pity 

See everyone next week for a noon time start against Illinois. Remember to wear black to the game. Please start the discussion for next weeks tailgate below.

A new low - stealing a ride on the Nightengale from the disabled
    Thanks to all for your help and enthusiasm creating yet another great tailgate!


  1. Funny stuff Larry, the "Heads" seems to be quite the hit, and sorry I missed the first episode with the Angels. I always knew there was more to Basil...he never shows his cards.

  2. I am okay with a simple burger and dog tailgate.

  3. Great job Larry on the content! FYI-we’re looking for an extra ticket for Saturday’s game-for John the Swede. Please let me know if any extras are available.

  4. Burgers and dogs sound fine to me. If that is indeed the choice, I will bring German Potato salad as accompaniment along with the usual beer and soda.

    Regarding extra tickets, I believe Tom already claimed the extra Basil/BREP ticket, and Bill is holding Chris' ticket for me -- Bill, can you confirm? And is there another ticket available from TF Scott?

    Witkowski party = 4: me, Sharon, and our neighbors Bob and Mari Okner. Mari is from Spain and her Americanized name is Maria, so Eric you can call her 'not Maria.'

    My other neighbor Bob Kenny (aka 'Lawyer Bob' -- although Eric should refer to him as 'Not-Not Bob') may make an appearance at the tailgate.

  5. I thought Tom already claimed Chris ticket

    1. I will be there and have two extra tickets for my friends John and Ann (tickets from Baz/Larry and Chris). We have the three of us and possibly three more for the tailgate.

    2. Sorry for the confusion Tom & Larry as I thought Tom took my ticket for last week's game versus Indiana.

  6. Jen & Jason will be using our tickets this week. David has a soccer tournament this weekend. Jason says he's good with hotdogs.

  7. Then I believe I can have the other extra ticket (TF Scott?) but Bill please confirm, otherwise I'll just Stubhub/scalp a cheap ticket for my 4th since obviously this won't be a sell-out.

    1. I gave Bill TF Scott's ticket as he is out again this week. Not sure if claimed for yet but if not I assume can go to you Pete. Bill will confirm.

  8. And Eric needs to start calling John Lyon 'non-Swede' since he's the most NJ-centric Swede we know.

  9. Too funny Pete! Eric is taking notes so he gets all is “not” names memorized!

  10. Witkowski update - In addition to potato salad, our neighbors Bob and Mari will bring a pasta salad. Basil has gifted me his ticket so I'm good with my 3 plus Basil's 1. I think that leaves TF Scott's ticket for John Not-Swede Lyon.

  11. Trying to get a head count - I count 21 heads Here's the rundown:
    Holobowski (3) - Grill, Gas, utensils, plates, shanehead
    Pete (4) - Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, beer, some waters, sharonhead
    Burk (3) - counting john Lyon
    Labues (8) - Jen, Jason, Tom Plus 5 and davidhead
    JC (2) - counting Dana
    Larry (1) - Yuengling case

    We need people to step up to bring burgers, cheese, dogs, rolls of both, condiments

    1. Dana is coming, no jc rhis week.

  12. We can take care of hot dogs, buns, mustard & kraut

  13. Thanks for spearheading, folks, as I've been spending my (lack of) free time learning newfangled TV devices this week (Roku) and other stuff.

    Yes, I've got 5 tickets with Tom getting one and Pete the other. It'll be just me and Shane (Kaitlyn has a Sweet 16 at 1 o'clock) and MAYBE a friend of Shane's though like all 15-16 year olds they're undependable and so it might just be the two of us.

    I'll bring the usual gear, some Schaefers and Millers and maybe some cole slaw or corn on the cob (if the farm stand still has; I'll cook it in advance) for the side, and look forward to watching others in the group man the grill as we tie Illinois minus 3 to minus 3 for Rutgers' only non-loss for the rest of the season.

    It all happens at Low Point Stadium!

  14. Pete tells me we have about 15 yuengling left over so I'm not buying more for this week. I will get the hamburgers.

  15. And as usual, let's agree to meet at Wal-Mart at 8:45am. See everyone tomorrow!

  16. Basil is a no go for this weekend .. Pete has my TIX (Parking Pass too .. via Larry) and Labue's have Scott's TIX.

    I'm LOVing the Basil's Angels logo .. great job with that. So, no Angels means no Basil this week we got $H1T to do! The Angels e got some world saving stuff to deal with. Sorry, but we can't tell you details.

  17. Hey. I thought i posted earlier , but I guess it didn’t work. I have a ticket I just put in bills mailbox. Anybody is welcome to it.

  18. Thanks for stepping up on rolls/cheese and burgers, Tom and Larry!

    I think we're gonna have a LOT of tickets tomorrow. Shane didn't find a taker for our 3rd.

    Seems we're set for supplies, see y'all tomorrow!

  19. I got 28 frozen burgers. Tom's getting a similar number of rolls, cheese singles, and the ketchup.