Thursday, October 19, 2017

Purdue Tailgate and Roll Call

Nothing says breakfast like a
pound-and-a-half artery blocker
Fresh off our first B1G win of the season, we meet this Saturday morning, say 9 a.m. at Wal-Mart, for pregame festivities ahead of RU's noon kickoff vs. Purdue.

As we skipped the Ohio State food theme to accommodate Festmeister Skurat's outstanding Oktoberfest celebration, my proposal this week is to keep it simple, but gluttonous and tasty at once -- the Thurmanator hamburger -- since Indiana doesn't have real food! (The alternative is Papa John's takeout from one of Payton Manning's franchises.)

If someone has another idea, please pass it along...but NOT late Friday afternoon after everything's been purchased.

I'm offering to pick up all of the burger supplies -- buns, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana peppers, bacon, cheddar, onions, ham, mozzarella and cheddar. I have a few minutes to kill between work and picking Shane up at MAST at 645 p.m., so it's no problem.

And it's sorta late notice, as this week -- like all others -- has gotten away quickly.

If we're cool with this theme, maybe one of you can do tots or fries for the side. Dessert and chips welcome too, and let's go BYOB -- alcoholic and N/A -- to keep things simple.

The Hobo crew is Bill, Kaitlyn and her friend Erin this weekend. Kathy was going to join us, but volunteered to drive Shane to Pa. for his first day of competitive "Orienteering."

We'll need a substitute servant this week, so let's see if Evan's ready to answer the call.

Roll call below, please.


  1. All four of us will be going this week. Jason is on the DL, so no baseball.
    Count us as 2 for a food headcount.
    We'll bring along Chips, drinks (waters & sodas), & Mueller’s glazed crumb and brownie bites.

  2. Skurat crew: Tricky week. I won't be attending as away all weekend. Evan wants to come and Diane is considering. Challenge is Evan has cross country practice at 8am, so likely won't be able to make the 9am meet at Walmart. If Diane comes, I assume she can just meet you there (extra parking pass would be helpful!). Will keep you updated...but have fun. I will miss seeing you all....seems like it has been years!

  3. Oh, and hell yeah that Evan will be happy to be the "servant" for the week!

  4. Witkowski (2): Pete & Sharon. Adam is playing Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday so I'll bring an extra ticket if anyone wants it.

    I won't have time to prep tots but will bring baked beans and macaroni salad as alternate sides. I also have plenty of beer from the last tailgate (Miller Lite, Yuengling and Sam Adams Oktoberfest) so probably not much need for folks to bring more beer since its a morning tailgate.

    See everyone at 9am on Saturday for what looks like an another excellent weather day.

  5. I'll be there, and bringing some VA beer. I'll try to bring a side/dessert as well.

  6. BREP to attend. I'll chip in to pay Bill.

  7. Pete, if you extra ticket is still available, I'll take it. My dad would like to go to the game this week.

  8. The plan sounds good. We’ll be there and will also chip in to pay Bill

  9. Just a note on the game that was scheduled for Yankee Stadium in two weeks vs Maryland. It has been moved back to Rutgers Stadium because there is not enough time to get the grass down and rooted. All season ticket holders will get their regular seats and parking for that game.

  10. I'm not going. Pete will have my 2 tixs and parking pass for anyone to use. Have fun. Go RU. Baz Biz

  11. With Basil out, someone please bring paper products and plates just in case; I've got no paper plates