Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pre Ohio State Tailgate: Oktoberfest 2017!!! High calorie food, heavy beer & sweet liquor to lessen the pain??


Festmeister here.  I am looking forward to a treat this Saturday as the Big10 gods have granted us a 730pm kickoff which means optimal tailgate conditions.  The weather is looking iffy, with some potential afternoon rain, in addition with cooler temperatures at night (which is much welcomed in my opinion after miserable sauna like conditions for Morgan State).

Oktoberfest is on the menu for our tailgate, and as Bill mentioned in his blog, I will assume the role as point man. I will handle the majority of the food, so folks can just chip in cash. Here is what I am planning to bring:

-Beer bratwursts, rolls, beer & butter onions, sauerkraut, mustard
-Tray of sauerbraten with option to serve on potato rolls.
-Tray of German spaetzle (potato pasta pan fried in butter) with side of gravy
-German cucumber salad
-Bottles of Jagermeister, Barenjager, Asbach Uralt brandy
-Table, German decorations

If other can divvy up the following (if wanted)
-German potato salad (I can also order from German restaurant)
-Potato pancakes w/sour cream & apple sauce. (I can also order from German restaurant)
-Beer, some German selection would be nice!
-Soft drinks
-Utensils, plates, napkins, etc.

Can't wait to celebrate my favorite time of the year with my good friends!  Prost!!



  1. Witkowski clan will consist of Sharon, Adam and me, and our fourth member (courtesy of Tom's extra ticket) will either be Adam's friend who is currently attending Rutgers, or our neighbor Glenn. Maybe we'll have them fight it out.

    We'll bring the potato salad, and I'll bring the regular Miller Lite and Yuengling, plus some German beer as well.

    Can I suggest that folks bring extra tables? Table space was limited last time and we'll need plenty of flat surfaces for the Oktoberfest food. I don't think canopies will be necessary because the forecast looks really good now.

    What time should we meet? I'm thinking as early as possible due to it being Ohio State + prep time for Oktoberfest food. Maybe 3:30 so we're in the lot and festing by 4?

  2. Apologies in not using the blog to communicate. Please shift discussions here if possible.

    It'll be me and the kids, and I'm working on Kathy to join us if she's free and can find another ticket.

    I'll bring my big table and little green tailgater w/the broken seats, plus the usual (grill, cornhole, etc.).

    I'm making potato pancakes and will bring sour cream and apple sauce to go with them. Plus some stout and Schaefer, as always.

    3:30 meet-up time sounds good to me

  3. Everything sounds great! We'll chip in $$. Meet up time is good too.

  4. Haven't seen anyone step up and offer to bring dessert. How about apple strudel, pumpkin something, etc.

  5. Ok, we are set to meet 330pm tomorrow at WM parking lot. Our group consists of around 18-20:
    Skurat: 2 (maybe 3)
    Holobowski: 3
    BREP: 1
    Witkowski: 4
    Burk: 2
    JC: 2
    Dave: 1
    Bill's cousins: 3?
    Basil friends: 2?

    I think we are square on food as follows:
    -Beer bratwursts: Chris
    -Sauerbraten: Chris
    -Spaetzle: Chris
    -German cucumber salad: Chris
    -Jagermeister, Barenjager, Asbach Uralt brandy: Chris
    -German potato salad: Pete
    -Potato pancakes: Bill
    -Beer: Pete/Bill
    -Soft drinks: John
    -Desserts: ?
    -Utensils, plates, napkins: John
    -Tables: Chris/Pete/Bill/?
    -Grill: Bill

    1. Just curious-are there any extra tickets available from our group? Not sure if Dave or TF Scott have unclaimed tix.

  6. I have TF Scott's ticket for Diane. if she doesn't go...it is yours!