Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tailgates Great, Rutgers Football...Not So Much

Our Scarlet Knights may be off to a 0-2 start to the 2017 season, but that hasn't deterred the revelry in BREP Nation and the Black Lot.

Last week's effort was outstanding, as the return of Maize and Blue sandwiches (shop just 7-8 miles from the E. Michigan campus) worked out well, especially with our Gilligan's Island-size nuclear sourdough bread. (We later learned that baked goods that sized are outlawed in 23 states, though people can now carry firearms at the University of Georgia, go figure).
Abnormal Sourdough
Sloppy Joe Poutine

In some tense matches of Cornhole and side-matches in Wash Shoes, the trust BREP Nation author succumbed to the Witkowski men, who saddled him with their friend Glenn, a champion supporter of the Nation but clearly a B-teamer in the Witkowski beanbag-tossing world. Pete saved the day again for Adam on several occasions, according to sources with ties to 
Adam sucks at
Otherwise, it was great as always seeing extended members of the Holobowski segment of the Nation, including the twins, their pops Frank, and their brother-in-law, the esteemed XXL Da Jerzy GiANT (and his son). We're hoping they join us again for another tailgate sometime soon.

Morgan State

"Eat whatever we cook at your
own risk." -- E. Burk, one time
This Saturday, Rutgers faces Baltimore-based Morgan State, the Bears...though bears aren't known to be prominent in Charm City as far as we can tell. 

In keeping with the food-of-the-opponent theme, Pete -- the best addition to our tailgate group since its formation, sorry Jennifer -- has offered to make crab-cake appetizers.

Shane is On the Air on WCTC!
The main course will be handled by Eric and Andrea, who are making their famous Sloppy Joe's. 
Biz, Picture Master

Interesting, too, in that it fits our food theme. 
In extensive, 15-second Google research we found a place in Baltimore called Fork & Wrench (F&W, also short for our message to Rutgers football... "F'n Win!"). This "boutique dive bar" is known to make (seasonally) Sloppy Joe Poutine -- a fancy way of calling them fries with gravy and meat.
Hipster kids even like RU football

Anyhow, F&W's version includes bacon as well, so to accompany the Burk's meat concoction, I'll pick up some mozzarella and bacon. If Chris graces us with his presence this week, perhaps we'll tab him for tots and we can go crazy w/a new variation of tots loaded with Sloppy Joe, etc. 

Sound good?

We hope to see you there on Saturday, and let's say noon instead of 11 this week. Deal?

Roll call, contribution list, etc. below in the comments field.

NJ Horseplayer
Big Euro Red Elvis Servant - BUERES! 


  1. Hey gang-yes, we will bring a tray of sloppy joes and rolls. Our sloppy joes consist of meat and onion in a secret sauce. Yum!!

  2. Noon it is. Sharon is a no and Adam is a maybe but should know by tomorrow. In addition to crab cake appetizers which will need to be finished on the grill (only 6 minutes) I'm bring Berger Cookies straight from Baltimore. They're basically short bread cookies smothered in fudge.

  3. Looks like I'm going solo this week. Sharon would rather shop and Adam would rather play golf so I have two tickets up for grabs.

  4. Yes, I "will grace" all with my presence...wiseguy!! Myself & Evan...maybe even Diane as well?? If Diane does come, I may buy one of your tickets Pete. I am happy to bring the tots as Bill suggested for sure...see you all Saturday!

  5. Chris, you can definitely have 1 of my tickets. And it sounds like Larry is doubtful and I have his ticket so we may have multiple extras.

  6. I am in. 12:00 sounds good. I will bring some soda & water and a green salad. I also have some paper products and plastic utensils from last year which I will bring.

  7. Jen, David & I will be there along with Jason's and Tom's available tickets. We'll have chips, water, soda, and chips & salsa.

  8. In terms of beer, I will of course be bringing my Miller Lite cooler filled with ................. Miller Lite. And I will also bring all the leftover cans from the past 2 tailgates -- 13 Yuengling Lagers, 6 Yuengling Premiums (no idea what makes them premium) and 9 Corona Extras.

  9. Terry and Anne would like to join us on Saturday. I'm planning to bring the bacon (literally) plus mozzarella and Schaefer, the one beer to have...

  10. Since we have the Sloppy Joe meat, bacon, mozzarella...anything else we need for loaded tots? I was thinking some sour cream, and will make one tray with cheddar melted already to get us started. I may also bring some German beer as this Saturday technically is the first day of Oktoberfest in München...just saying. Hey Bill, tell Terry I have been CRAVING the salt & pepper gourmet popcorn since Saratoga...a bag of that would be a nice side option!!!

    1. Great call. Will do. He was asking what to bring.

      Schaefer = best Oktoberfest lager, FYI. America's oldest

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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