Thursday, November 10, 2016

RU-Indiana recap in pictures

BREP in the classic red body suit directing the convoy into the black lot - Sadly, an IPhone was hurt in the filming  
Raising the BREPNation tailgate flag  - reminiscent of the Iwo Jima photo  
TCB - Chris and Scott cooking up the omelettes while Basil ponders his cheese of choice 
The traditional throwing away of money on the 50/50 to the Dance team - Will one of us ever win?
The return of "Wash U"s after a long absence  - Can we finally get Eric a Rutgers jacket? It's been ten years!!
The group shot of our tailgate missing the one person who took the photo......
'Po Boy Adam, exhausted from his photographer duties 
Welcome Morgan to the BrepNation RU tailgate experience 
A dismayed Eric pondering where it all went wrong for Rutgers - We should have won!!! 
The possible end of an era  - Could the quads have attended their last Rutgers game together?

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