Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rutgers-Penn State tailgate wrapup

The final Brepnation group shot of the 2106 tailgating season

Chris is really enjoying the Thanksgiving tailgate !
As we convened for the final time in the overflow black lot, BRES planned a Thanksgiving tailgate spread that was enjoyed by all. The turkey and stuffing filled potato skins was a great idea, Shane, but for the love of God, you've got to wear pants when it's supposed to get cold outside!  Although the season was a tough one to endure, thanks to all of the BREPNation.com for making the 2106 tailgate season a blast.

Look at those cupcakes! 

Kathy showing that a proper
corn hole toss is all in the knees !

A new low -trying to hot wire the Knightengale cart!! 

The few brave souls who stuck it out until the fourth quarter!!!

A final toast to the 2016 season!

Andrea can sense the cold coming!


  1. Regardless of the record at the end of the season (well, 2 more wins would have be nice)...still had a blast with my friends. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to see you soon for a hoops game.

  2. Miraculous effort there by Kathy w/what the doctor called a useless left ACL (replacement due if PT doesn't work the next few months), and outstanding times this season w/y'all. Really, if not for the tailgates the games wouldn't be worth attending. It's been a good addition adding the twins and Frank to the group as well, making clear that we're not the only people dumb enough to plunk hard-earned money down on Rutgers football product. I was going to offer a watch Saturday for RU-Maryland, but am too deflated by football (and hosting Thanksgiving and working Friday). So everyone be well, and let's target a January date for a hoops game.

    Until February, when I need to pry $$$ away from your for down payments to '17 season tickets...NJ Horseplayer

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