Sunday, October 9, 2016

Shake It Off, B-REP Nation

At least Brepnation followed directions to wear the right colors! 
We've got a few more hours to stew over perennial jerk-off and pleated khaki wearer Jim Harbaugh going for a 2-point conversion up 20+ points again for the second season in a row, but the season is not lost as our most-brutal stretch of games is done and we turn our attention to Lovie Smith's comparably hapless University of Illinois.

The Illini are 1-4 and probably have us circled on the calendar as their last winnable game.

Deservedly so after Rutgers losses of 58-0 and 78-0 in back-to-back weeks and with what is perhaps the most inept offense that I can recall On the Banks since my first home game in 1987. 

Andrea trying to
steal ideas from the
Festmeister for the
Burk Halloween
Surely, however, Illinois is double-circled on our calendar as we look to go 3-4 and get our first B1G win of the season.

If nothing else, Saturday's tailgate was as convincing a pregame win as Michigan's destruction of the Scarlet Knights on the gridiron. 

We have evolved into a Top 10-caliber tailgating group, even if Rutgers Stadium personnel are too lazy to come all the way out to the Black Lot to dub us "tailgaters of the game."  In our hearts and minds we know who's best.  Others may have RVs and couches, but find me another group that has its own publicity director and beer concierge. 

And we don't need questionable monikers like "The Hunt" that serve to confuse our audience.

New spin on loaded
tots -- the loaded
potato pancake!
Festmeister Skurat masterfully constructed a menu of beer brats (w/onion, kraut, etc.), Sauerbraten sandwiches, cucumber salad, German potato salad, red cabbage and other Oktoberfest delicacies for the nearly 30-person B-Rep Nation contingent.  Everything was absolutely delicious and make for tremendous gastrointestinal fun for watching Sunday's NFL slate.
Yes, Yes, Fire, Fire, Fire!

All main dishes and desserts were a hit, as were the Schaefers that flowed like a mountain stream and reminded all that "es la mejor, cuando se toma mas de una!"

After an 11-touchdown plus 2-point conversion loss, however, we may need to reconsider the karmic element of our growing South Amboy-Sayreville presence, what with the addition of the Brians and the Thurkauf twins and Dad. 

Keep in mind, however, that these guys, are not the ones calling the minus-2 yard roll-out passes to the left, or playing O line and waving the matador flag for what seemed like 30 Michigan defenders per play, or running the hurry-up offense just to let our punter rack up a record number of punts. This was what BREP presented to his new coworkers John and Pete as entertainment.

Obviously their foodie and beverage prowess are huge pluses to B-REP Nation, and so we hope to see them back on the pavement vs. Illinois and elsewhere down the road. 

Great food, great beer, great company, but ready to disown
B-REP as a neighbor for being subjected to 78-0 torture.
Now, Saturday's was such a big undertaking that Festmeister's on a bye vs. Illinois, as are the Ungemahs, as the Scotts made their 2016 debut but will be back to the baseball diamond this coming Saturday, where rumor has it Jr. has already issued a combo home run hitting/Fat Cat food challenge to travel-team mentor and RU Alum Todd Frazier.

So, before the week gets away from me, I'm proposing that with a noon kickoff vs. Illinois that we meet at 8:45 a.m. this week at our usual carpooling spot. 

"Where's the Schaefer?"
As for food, it's all about "Cracked: The Egg Came First" -- the popular breakfast food truck at the University of Illinois -- and its "Vegasm Ciabatta Sandwich" and "Bacon-White Cheddar Tots." BTN featured these guys on the TV Network too.

Here are the things we need, and it's a combo we can do either vegan or with meats.
  • Ciabatta bread
  • Costco's Kirkland Signature Imported Basil Pesto (or any basil pesto)
  • Fresh spinach (the salad kind that we can saute w/garlic)
  • Sundried tomatos
  • Hash browns
  • Eggs
  • Sharp cheddar
  • Chorizo
  • Bacon
  • Tater tots
Let's start weighing in on this and get everything resolved by midweek if possible, this way I can hit Costco for whatever goods we need. I'm figuring, too, that we are OK on the beer front; figuring we have a lot left over from yesterday, but let me know if we look short. I know I have a few Schaefers left, and also Sam Adams Oktoberfest sitting around.

TICKET-WISE: I'm hoping Kathy will finally join us this week and would use Chris's ticket for that, but we also have Scott Ungemah's available and two of Dave's (Tom's using 1 of Dave's 3 on their dad). Great time yesterday up until kickoff, and more to come this Saturday vs. Illinois!
The statue gained more yards than
Rutgers' offense vs. Michigan

BRES #2 (Big Red Evan Skurat) sporting his alpine hat 

Time for a little cough medicine


  1. Bill, the Ciabatta sandwiches and cheddar tots sound awesome. Are you saying that you'll pick up all the ingredients and we compensate you, or do you need help buying stuff? If the latter, just let me know what I should get and the quantity.

    It will just be me and Larry in my car on Saturday since Julie will be at her high school homecoming dance and Sharon will be taking pictures, and Tom has already claimed my two extra tickets. This means I will have room for 3 more people in my car.

  2. How much spinach do you need? We have two (maybe 2.5) bunches from our CSA (so it's jersey spinach) that I can bring. (Not baby spinach, the bigger leaf kind, is that what you mean?) we can also bring sundried tomatoes - the kind in a jar with oil?

  3. Annie, we'll have around 25 people; not sure everyone eats/wants spinach, but shrinks much when cooked and will be only part of sandwiches so you make the call. Thanks on sundrieds too. One less thing for me to get.

    Pete, if you or someone else can handle the tots end of the bargain, I can pick up the rest from Costco.

    All others, if over the course of past tailgates someone's sitting on 10 lbs of cheddar let me know so I don't buy more.

    1. And if it's easier for you to bring already sauteed in some garlic, that'd work just as well and save us time. Kathy will love you for the spinach, BTW.

    2. I think we can do that - we have some jersey garlic, too!

  4. Ok, I will bring plain and cheddar-bacon tater tots. I have plenty of Miller Lite, Coke/Diet Coke and apple juice. I also have 15 leftover Yuenglings so if BREP or anyone else wishes to supplement that amount then by all means bring more.

    1. I have a couple of Schaeffers and PBRs for this week; I'll throw a few Tom-type fancy beers in there too.

  5. The menu looks good. We'll bring a dessert to help satisfy any sugar cravings. Thanks Bill and Pete for getting things rolling.

  6. Have fun BREP Nation...Evan & I will miss you guys this weekend! Go RU!

  7. FYI for those watching that Terry and Annie will not be able to join us after all. It's likely that one of our kids' friends will come instead, which would cover the 5 in my possession (my 3, Chris and Scott U's). I'll be picking up goods after work from Costco, figuring we have a 22-person group and no outliers joining the tailgate; but speak up if you're bringing people outside of our core. See y'all at 845a tomorrow!

  8. BREP checking in. I'll get some Yuenglings and some danishes.