Monday, October 3, 2016

RU-Michigan Tailgate Discussion

As Rutgers comes off of the beat down at #2 Ohio State, we welcome in the #4 Michigan Wolverines this Saturday Night. As he did last year, Chris has volunteered to helm the tailgate this week and with an Oktoberfest theme! I will leave the first post up to Chris to let everyone know what he intends to do, and what he needs or what everyone else can contribute. This may be the week it makes sense to give Chris some bucks to cover his costs if there isn't a need to bring additional items. Chris is also looking to score some extra tickets, so if anyone has any to offer, please let him know ASAP.

We are proposing a 3 PM meet up at Walmart as this game will be a near sellout. It appears we will have a full crew going to the game plus some additional tickets bought before the season by Pete & BREP (4 total) going to the game with us already. Pete has pledged passage for his two in his vehicle, and Andrea & Eric have already agreed to take BREP's two extra in their car. If you plan on bringing extra people to the game, please try to coordinate how they will get to the game with the bearers of parking passes ahead of time. If anyone thinks they will have extra space in their car, please also let that be known.  

When the Scarlet Knights host the Michigan Wolverines this Saturday at 7pm, we are going to Stripe the Birthplace of College Football!

Even-numbered sections wear SCARLET.
Odd-numbered sections wear BLACK - That's us in Section 121


  1. Guten abend meine Rutgers freunden. It IS that time of the year that we celebrate the German culture of delicious, hearty food and accordion-led music! With that in mind, I have the following menu prepared: Beer Bratwurst, Sauerbraten, potato pancakes, cucumber salad, kraut and German potato salad (being brought by Eric & Andrea). I will also have potato rolls for the brats as well as buns if anyone wants to have a sauerbraten sandwich (marinated beef, kraut, mustard, pickle slices).

    If anyone wants to bring pretzels, that could get us started, otherwise any dessert items (apple strudel, linzer tarts are German fare if you wanted to stay with the theme) would be helpful. Obviously we need drinks and the 2 grills would be helpful; one for heating cooked items; the other for grilling the brats.

    If I could also get a headcount from everyone, just so I know how many brats & rolls to bring. I am getting half trays of sauerbraten & potato pancakes from a German restaurant so that should be plenty.

    As of now, I only need 1 ticket (for Evan). I believe Scott is bringing both Scott Jr. & Christian so he may need 2 extra.

    So a headcount for each party in the next few days would be helpful, otherwise see everyone on Saturday...lederhosen not required but encouraged!

  2. Hi-it will be me and Eric and as Chris mentioned we will bring a half tray of authentic German potato salad. Kudos to Larry for getting the ball rolling and addressing the need to coordinate ahead of time with parking if anyone is thinking of bringing an extra person.

  3. In addition to the usual Miller Lite and Coke/Diet Coke, I will definitely bring a dessert (will look for Linzer tarts but at least will bring something either German or fall-themed).

    Right now it will be me, Sharon and Julie but there are rumors of a possible defection and if that leads to extra tickets I will offer them to Chris first and then Tinton Falls Scott.

  4. The Coulters are not going to make it this week. Unfortunately we will be missing one of the non-12:00 games on the schedule. Have a good Octoberfest and we will see you guys for the Illinois game. If anybody needs tickets let me know.

  5. John I believe Tinton Falls Scott still needs 2 tickets. If you could hold for him to buy. I will text him to confirm.

  6. Good Morning RU tailgate crew from TF Scott.
    I am still alive and rooting for RU but have had to many conflicts with baseball thus far.
    I will be going Saturday and am only bringing my older son and only need one.

    John - If you are willing, I will buy one from you if ok with the group even though I am low man on the totem pole?

    Chris/Bill - Let me know what food or other items are needed that I can bring?

    Thanks - Scott

  7. I will definitely bring Apple Strudel so if someone else is thinking about dessert please bring something else!

  8. Since we're short on carbs, I'll bring warm pretzels and dips. I'll bring Schaefers too, since it sounds German and I don't like German beer.

    See you with Shane at 3. No Kaitlyn this week.

    F Michigan

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  10. My cousins offered to bring a case or two of Sam Adams Oktoberfest

  11. BREP checking in – Rough Headcount for Chris – I have 27 counted for now – may grow to 30)

    Bill & BRES (2) – No Kaitlyn this week.
    Bill’s cousins (2) - Have their own parking pass
    Richie (AKA Chris) & Evan (2) - Possibly Diane for 3?
    Scott U. & son (2)
    Andrea & Eric (2)
    Pete, BREP, 2 neighbors (Brian & son), & 2 BREP co-workers (Pete & John H. - No Sharon & Julie) (6)
    Labue Crew (4)
    Basil & family (4 – to be confirmed by Basil)
    Sam Negin & Neil Conroy (2) – Former roommates of the Labue Brothers – have their own parking deal

    1. Scott/Chris taking 2 of JC’s 3 seats & parking pass (maybe all three pending Diane)
    2. Pete also has two seats in Upper Deck in Section 229 to sell (Black Section)

  12. Also, whoever besides Dave has a tent please remember to bring. forecast is all over the place for Saturday with the hurricane track changing every few hours.....

  13. Hey- we bought Petes 2 extra tickets in the upper deck and our 2 friends will join the tailgate. As Larry would say, we have also secured passage for them in our car and secured a seat in Petes car. Based on Larry's tally, are there still 2 tickets available in our group? Also, will anyone be meeting up with JC before the game to get his parking pass?

  14. Chris or Bill can I drop off tickets/parking pass with one of you guys? I work in Middletown, so would easy to stop by Tinton Falls. Also Scott had 1 ticket. Chris, does TF Scott need 2?

  15. That would be great John, thanks for offering. TF Scott only needs 1. I guess it can't hurt to drop of all of your tickets & pass and we can see if we can unload any unused. Since you know where Bill lives, would it be easier just to drop in his mailbox?

  16. John, feel free to leave them in my mailbox; if you have them with you today, I think Kathy's home if you want to ring the bell. If not then tomorrow.

  17. Good. Thanks I will drop at Bill's.

  18. Check in from TF Scott.
    I am just seeing all this now - this group is like a finely tuned orchestra!
    I can bring my canopy and will confirm with chefs Bill - Chris on additional items needed.

  19. It would probably be good if someone brought another dessert. I'm bringing a good amount of apple strudel but it will go quickly if there's nothing else.

  20. Bring more than enough for you and Larry then, Pete. But your right, Pete...maybe some desserts or just basic chips & stuff, Ungemah, if you're looking to bring stuff. Separately, I may have 2 more folks stopping by the tailgate, although they're parking in Green, so I figure they might not want to trek 5 miles back to hang w/us low-brows.

    I HAVE JOHN'S 3 TICKETS AND PARKING, BTW; he dropped them w/me yesterday, and yes I'll bring the canopy.

  21. Basil and Co. Yes all 4 are going. We have the extra Grill (+grill stuff) table chairs and I keep my tent in my office, if needed. We have the mini van too. I'll grab chips and some other stuff. I'll have my small cooler of sodas.

  22. BREP Checking in...bring a tray of Brownies and the mustard Chris needs, My neighbor Brian is bringing a case of Yuengling

  23. I'm pretty sure, BTW, we have 2 extra JC tickets. Chris is using Kaitlyn's, and Scott Ungemah using one of JC's.