Monday, October 5, 2015

Time to Break Out the Lederhosen

After a much-needed bye week, BREP Nation will return in full force for this Saturday's 8 p.m. tilt with nationally ranked Michigan State.
"Prost!" says the Festmeister, sans
handlebar mustache

It's a "Black Out," which means I need to fish around for black RU apparel this week.

I'm proposing we meet at 4:30 p.m. for the traditional carpool from Wal-Mart, but if that's too early please speak.  The forecast looks decent but definitely autumn, pegged at partly cloudy and 50s.

Processed German meats, carbs and
freaking cold weather are just a
short drive from East Lansing
Kuchenchef Skurat, Monmouth County's authority on proper Oktoberfest celebrations, is eager to produce yet another award-winning 'fest for "the Nation" and will spearhead the campaign this week, requesting everyone pitch in with a contribution(s) for the event; stay tuned here this week for correspondence.

In separate discussions over bagels and another Jets victory on Sunday morning, I already offered to make potato pancakes and will provide the accompanying applesauce and sour cream.

MSG and former UFO axman
showing his Rutgers support
In the spirit of all-things German, B-REP will provide an iPod playlist featuring the Scorpions, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), Falco (Austrian synth pop '80s sounds are acceptable) and Accept and leverage Tom's wide-ranging musical knowledge and probable ownership of lesser-known (in the U.S.) but influential music from Kraftwerk and Tokio Hotel.

For background, as I understand it, the Oktoberfest theme fits exceedingly well with Michigan State, which is based about an hour from Michigan's "Little Bavaria" in Frankenmuth.

I encourage you to at least hit Wikipedia before Saturday's big BREP Nation Oktoberfest, as a quiz will be given by the Festmeister.


  1. Dave noted the early-arriving crowd for Kansas and proposes we meet earlier; I can be there as early as needed (i.e. between 3-4 p.m.). Everyone please chime in for a consensus.

  2. I vote for 4pm as I agree crowds will be huge plus that's just more time to enjoy the tail gate.

  3. And Oktoberfest sounds wunderbar (opposite of fubar) and we'll bring a pasta salad plus Miller Lite which is brewed in the old Bavarian section of Milwaukee (don't go there after dark unless you're carrying your luger).

  4. Let's plan to LEAVE the lot at 4pm!

  5. Sounds like a plan; I'll shoot to be there by 345pm

  6. And not to be snippy, but everyone please respond with what you're bringing ASAP, whether it's Oktoberfest food of not; there's a big crew this week and I know Chris has a lot of prep work. Knowing Friday night won't help. I'm doing potato pancakes and sides to go with them (applesauce, sour cream, cinnamon). I'll bring drinks too if needed.

  7. Guten Tag meine Rutgers freunde! Looking forward to seeing everyone. It sounds like a 345 meeting to leave by 4pm...sounds good to me.

    As for the Oktoberfest feast, I was planning on making the beer brats with sauerkraut, fried onions, relish & German mustard. Also a cucumber salad. Bill has the potato pancakes covered. We could also use some German potato salad if anyone feels up to it? Finally, a nice starter would be those large pretzels that have at Philly Pretzel factory of anyone has access to one on the way so they are still fresh & warm. I will have a nice variety of German beer as well a bottle of Jaegermeister! As for desserts, apple strudel & linzer tarts are always a nice option. Other than that, I think we are good to go. Let me know who is bringing what.

  8. I am planning on bringing beer and perhaps some sweets. I can be there at 3:45pm as well.

  9. I will be there at 3:45 PM so we can leave at 4 PM. I agree we need to get to the black lot a little earlier as we need to make our way in earlier through the drunken darkness. I will bring a case of beer, a case of water, and a German type dessert treat.

  10. I will bring some Apple strudel. Looks like just Donna and I.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. In addition to Orzo (pasta) salad and Miller Lite, our group will also bring a dessert. We will have 4 people in our party - me, Sharon, and our two neighbors Donna and Glenn. Donna will use my 3rd ticket and Glenn has a single ticket (section 110) he received from a family member. Glenn is from Sayreville but we try not to hold that against him.

  12. I will bring soda & waters. Chips, Kettle Corn and some Strudel.

  13. Must have been distracted last night watching Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
    Probably don't need THAT much strudel. I'll bring something else sweet- perhaps chocolate?

  14. Here's the rundown so far -- waiting on word from the Burks and Basil/Scott. Far as I can tell, the only things we're short are rolls for Chris' brats (unless Chris already has) and I guess any vegan alternatives to German links, in addition to pre-game snacks and maybe Chris' ideas for hot pretzels and German potato salad.

    CHRIS: Beer brats, kraut & fried onions, relish & German mustard, cucumber salad, German Beer

    BILL: Potato pancakes, applesauce & sour cream

    TOM: Beer, sweets

    PETE: Pasta/orzo salad, Miller Lite

    B-REP: Case of beer, case of water, dessert

    JOHN: apple strudel

    DAVE: soda, water, chips, kettle corn, chocolate/dessert

    ERIC & ANDREA: ?

    BASIL & SCOTT: ?


    TICKET-WISE, it'll be just me and Shane (Kaitlyn's going to ComiCon) and will be joined by our friend Terry Flanagan. I MAY have a 4th available but am waiting for word from another person first. If there's someone in our group in need of 1 please let me know.

  15. I will get the rolls as well. The potato salad and/or pretzels would be ideal if someone can offer to pick up one of those items.

  16. We can bring potato salad and pretzels-no guarantee on the fresh soft ones as I don't know of any places near us that make them

  17. There are some old school German markets near me so hopefully I can get some authentic German potato salad and maybe some German type cheese and crackers. They boast "come shop where the wurst is the best"!

  18. Bill, If you do have an extra ticket- I will take it for Jen.

  19. Quick update that my man Terry Flanagan is signed on to bring warm Philly Pretzels, which I know will excite Festmeister Chris!

    Jennifer Labue will be using my extra ticket; glad to see her tomorrow!

    Forecast looks good -- high 67, low 42 and dry.

  20. I MAY be in need of 1 ticket for Evan, depending on whether Scott U is coming or not...just in case anyone has an extra to spare.

  21. I have made sure to get some German music on my I-Pod. Some of it will be none, others are obscure. I looked, but no Can, Neu! or Kraftwerk.

  22. As long as you have Der Kommissar!

  23. Would David Hasselhoff count? I heard he was really big in Germany.

  24. Basil: I'll bring some sliced up German smoke meat products to eat with Andrea's cheese and crackers. I got the old box of paper products and forks and junk. I'll bring a small cooler for Guinness and some sodas.Some other work people might stop by. I'm going to bring a few veal brats and rolls that I wanted to try out.

  25. The time's almost here, gentlemen

  26. The time's almost here, gentlemen

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